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Palin in Indianola

Palin in Indianola

Consider this an “open” thread.

Because of travel, it’s unlikely I’ll get to watch the speech live.  It’s scheduled for about 1 p.m. Central.

The latest conventional wisdom is that there will be no presidential announcement or announcement that she’s not running.  Rather, the speech will be a “full throttled” defense of the Tea Party movement and attack on crony capitalism (some say that’s an attack on Rick Perry, but if that’s the focus, it clearly is aimed at the Obama administration).

So what do you expect?

And when the speech takes place, please update everyone in the comments.


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Run Sarah, run.

Sarah will inject a new strong dose of conservativatism into the race.

Yesterday, I checked out the C4P website. Out of 30 front page articles, one bashed Bachmann, six bashed Perry. Palin’s minions obviously think Perry is her biggest obstacle. It would not surprise me that Palin will lob her missiles today at Perry specifically.

But an odd thing is happening at the forum: my Tea Party buddies have been squarely in Palin’s court for a long time, but they are beginning to feel like they are being played like a cheap fiddle with her maybe she will, maybe she won’t games about getting in the race.

Palin found her niche as a spokesperson for the conservative movement. The day she enters the race she becomes one of the herd, just another candidate vying for votes. And her entrance will pull the media away from Bachmann and Perry and the negative articles about them because one thing is certain; the media loves to hate Palin.

    Rosalie in reply to retire05. | September 3, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    If they feel that she’s playing them along, then they weren’t listening to her when she said that she will make a definitive decision by the end of September.

    Hey retire, you and your Perry-krishna buddies have been smearing Palin all over the web repeating lies that she is going to endorse Perry. Now that you heard what her speech is about attacking crony capitalism you are trying to tell us that Perry has Tea Party cred. Perry was not the Tea Party candidate in the Texas governor’s race. Crony capitalism does not fit in with Tea Party agenda.

    Here is what she is going to say today.

    Friends, Republicans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Perry, not to endorse him.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with Perry.

      retire05 in reply to JRD. | September 3, 2011 at 3:09 pm

      Funny that I never see any negative articles about Palin on websites that support Perry. But the Palinists have no problem repeating the smears that they post about Perry. Now, if you can show me where any Perry site bashes Palin by making obscene claims, I will bow to your research.

      Personally, I don’t think Palin will endorse Perry. At least not now. Now when she can continue to get her name in the press by vacillating as she is doing.

They’re not being played like a cheap fiddle. If she wasn’t running, she would say so.

Gee, retire05, maybe you need to get some new buddies who aren’t so easily “played like a cheap fiddle.” Palin will enter the battle at a time and place of her own choosing, not yours, your buddies or Karl Roves.

Meanwhile Perry can deal with stuff like this:

“Republican presidential contender Ron Paul likened Texas Gov. Rick Perry to a “candidate of the week” Friday afternoon and said his Republican opponent’s poll numbers would fall quickly once voters get to know him better.”

    retire05 in reply to Viator. | September 3, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Viator, most rational thinking conservatives understand that this is probably THE most important election of our life time. Obama MUST be removed from office. And they understand that is going to take massive leg work on their part which takes time.

    With the advent of Obama, the rules of the game have changed. We no longer have standard campaigning seasons. Obama has been campaigning since he took the oath of office. Now we have campaigns that last two years.

    So I offer you reality, and you accuse me of being a Rover. How simplistic. But you need to understand that a campaign team is not built in a vacumn. It takes time, and although Palin has hired a former staffer of Bob Dole (remember Dole, who lost?) that does not a campaign staff make.

    Now, who the hell cares what Ron Paul says? Only those of you who never campaigned for him as I did when he first ran for office. The man has clay feet, and his actions belie his words. He knows he can’t win, so he says whatever comes into his liberatarian head. He also is good friends with Debra Medina, who ran against Rick Perry in the governor’s race, and who is a 9-11 truther. And how do you walk back the racist things Paul has said, and done? You can’t, and neither can he.

    It takes many things to build a campaign: a staff that includes opposition research, major big money players who bundle hundreds of thousands of dollar not individuals giving 100 bucks, ground troops who are in every state, at every event, playing up their boss, conferences with leaders in every field; economics, foreign policy, law, et al.

    I have no problem with Palin (outside of the fact that she chose a lobbyist as a running mate in Alaska) but sometimes we have to recognize where our talents lay. Hers is in rallying troops for the conservative movement. All that changes when she becomes an actual candidate. She becomes one of the herd.

      myiq2xu in reply to retire05. | September 3, 2011 at 12:48 pm

      Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a troll.

      I spent enough hours moderating at another blog to recognize canned talking points.

      The only question in my mind is who is the troll’s employer – Rove or Axelrod?

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to retire05. | September 4, 2011 at 12:15 am

      Retire -Are you referring to Sean Parnell ? Sarah stated she was confident in leaving the term to her Lieutenant Gov.

      The voters agreed.

      As of today you can still vote for your choice still standing in the Primary of your state.

      Palin is not stopping you.

“Former Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker at today’s Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa.

The “Restoring America” event is being hosted by the group Tea Party for America.”

Tea Party Rally With Sarah Palin: Live at 12pm (ET) on C-SPAN Networks

“Is San Bernadino worth a song?”

No, it isn’t. Still, the band could’ve taken the time to spell San Berna-R-dino correctly.

Why a British group chose San Bernardino, of all places in Southern California to write a song about, is beyond me.

LukeHandCool (who was pleasantly surprised to find that his hometown of Santa Monica had been immortalized in song in Japan with singer Junko Sakurada’s hit “Santa Monica no Kaze,” (“The breeze in Santa Monica”).

I was almost certain she would announce a presidential run at this event, but now, given that she’s said that “end of September” is the “drop-dead” date, I don’t think so anymore. And I’m also not so sure she is going to run this year, either; John Fund had a very interesting article that makes the case quite strongly:

So, I don’t know. She’s my preferred candidate by far, but I may have to settle for a strong Plan B.

And, let’s be honest, at this point I’d vote for day-old roadkill over Obama.

    DINORightMarie in reply to Phineas Fahrquar. | September 3, 2011 at 11:57 am

    “And, let’s be honest, at this point I’d vote for day-old roadkill over Obama.”

    Definitely the quote of the day!! So far, at least. 😉

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Phineas Fahrquar. | September 4, 2011 at 12:20 am

    FFS -who is John Fund & why should anyone care what he says.

    Listen to the lady herself –

    PRIMARY source only. Then YOU decide.

    Have you no personal will?

Great editorial in the NY Sun re: Palin getting into the race.

Constitutional conservatism, which Palin espouses continuously, is the unifying call for the Tea Party and Reagan Democrats.

I also suspect that she is not going to run this time around, and is probably searching for the best moment to make that clear.

I believe this is a live link to C-Span to watch Sarah Palin at around 1 pm central (2 pm eastern) via C4P:

As to @retire05’s comments on C4P: that has been a complaint of mine in recent days, the bashing of opponents or potential opponents to Palin by C4P commenters, even though she hasn’t announced. It is not necessary, IMHO, to snark and sling mud; presenting a contrast between what a candidate and Palin stand for should make the point, without all the tearing down and obvious animosity. Chill, people.

Should Sarah Palin run, and win the nomination, she will need to choose a VP candidate to run with her. Chopping down all the Republican opposition does not make for a unified, cohesive ticket – again, all in my humble opinion.

Sarah Palin is not “politics as usual” and so I don’t expect her to take down potential opponents, or anyone in the Republican Party that is running. Reagan’s 11th Commandment aside, I believe she doesn’t think that tactic is going gain her anything. She endorsed Bachmann and Perry for their 2010 races. Why tear them down now, making her look fickle at best?

No, her target is Obama, the policies and actions of this administration, and the damage inflicted upon our nation that has burdened our private sector in particular.

She needs to continue to press against what Obama is trying to do to our country; she needs to continue to promote common-sense solutions; and, as the Organize4Palin rep Singleton noted last night, she needs to make the case to the nation of how dire is the need for Obama to NOT be in office for another 4 years.

If she does all this, she will easily gain momentum and become the frontrunner. No one, not even Perry, is doing this. And, quite frankly, no one can do it as well as Palin – who has suffered for 4 years now, for the sin doing it so well.

All IMHO, of course. 😉

    Remember, Marie, that Palin also endorsed Christine O’Donnell, but now it seems that her handlers have decided that Palin could not appear at the same venue (today’s Iowa TEA party) with O’Donnell. Now, think of O’Donnell as you will, but O’Donnell was Palinized by the press and the GOP establishment.

    Palin will do one thing: she will redirect the press, and their adverse reporting, from other candidates. And Palin cannot win the nomination without attacking other candidates, and that includes Bachmann, who has just as dedicated following.

Palin isn’t running for President. Numerous articles and commentaries from the smartest and most informed people just this Saturday morning will tell you that. Look at the comments here.

Me, what do I know? I just keep contributing money to the many Palin for President organizations. You know, the organizations that exist in every state in the Union, when they ask me. And then there are the close to 100 Palin for President websites like;

Do people really think Sarah Palin is the kind of person who would allow Peter Singleton, a California lawyer who took a sabbatical from his work several months ago to move to Iowa to organize for Sarah Palin 2012 full time, to waste all this time and energy along with the hundreds of other dedicated volunteers and organizers many of whom traveled from across the United States this weekend to Iowa to meet and listen to her speech in person?

I’ve thought for a long time- ever since she made a trip to Texas to stump for Gov. Perry the last time he ran for governor – that she’d tease about running for President but in the end would throw her support behind Perry. I stand by that. She’s going to endorse Rick Perry. Maybe not today, but soon. John Fund is right.

StrayYellarDawg | September 3, 2011 at 12:23 pm

If Sarah decides not to run, we will have four more years of Obama.

And I believe that will be the crux of her decision… “can she beat Obama?” If she is unsure, she will wait until 2016.

What to expect?

I expect to come away feeling the same way after hearing her speak in the last year-

The same way I felt after hearing Reagan speak-

I expect to feel better about my country.

    StrayYellarDawg in reply to Browndog. | September 3, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Yep. You said it, Brown Dog!

    SunnyJ in reply to Browndog. | September 3, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Exactly. The Palin strength lies in her conviction that America must survive, constitution intact! That is the message she sends while, others are all about themselves and their desire to be elected. To those that are so impatient…learn the lesson she is teaching: be in the moment, here and now, and be on the side of god and country..the rest will fall into place.

I don’t think the present administration is even up to the standards of a philosophy of any sort, including crony capitalism.

The pattern of filing lawsuits against 1) a state for passing a law mirroring Federal law, without even bothering to read it; 2) filing suit against banks for complying with the CRA (the lawsuit does make a different contention, which is not terribly credible: those loans existed due to Federal pressure); 3) filing suit against a trucking company for firing a drunk driver; plus the waivers of regulations, including 1) drilling requirements and 2) compliance with Obamacare all show evidence of ad-hoc, thoughtless, arbitrary and capricious action at all levels.

Our government was designed to put a stop to this kind of action by the executive branch.

America does not have to live with an arbitrary and capricious executive branch for more than 4 years.

So says your friendly, neighborhood Liberal.

Please keep asking yourself the question: Is she ELECTABLE?

Pickled American | September 3, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Certainly millions of Americans have been waiting to hear a “full-throated defense” of the Tea Party by a major political figure.

So far, no Republican politician has dared. There have been timid expressions of solidarity with the Tea Party, but none has gone on the offense. Should Palin do that, it will help separate the mice from the men among the candidates, as the conservative base would certainly laud her guts and be clamoring for more.

I’ll repeat an observation I’ve made here before:

I don’t know a single person who disliked Sarah Palin a year or two ago who has come around to liking her. I do know plenty of people who loved her two years ago who have long since cooled. And these are mostly rural, Southern, middle class, evangelical types–what you’d think are her natural support base.

Anecdotal? Yep. But I doubt many of you have experiences to the contrary. If she runs, I don’t think she’ll win a single primary.

    I don’t know…

    I hear what you are saying, and don’t dismiss it-

    However, try this one for size:

    After she was announced, I researched who she was. I was in. Her speech at the Convention solidified my support.

    ALL IN.

    She lost me with the Couric interview. Her resignation didn’t help.

    Then, she seemed to be liberated, and did very well on Fox interviews. But, it was her Facebook posting that really did it.

    Hard hitting, honest, and waaayy ahead of the convention thinking.

    She has earned my respect.

    I am as I was:

    ALL IN.

People really need to get over thinking they have some right to dictate when Palin decides to throw her hat in the ring. If her dealy has caused someone to look elsewhere for a candidate to support – that is just Palin’s loss.

I don’t think it is Palin’s responsibility to play cheerleader for some other candidate if she wants to run. If she runs and doesn’t get nominated the winning candidate has a lot better chance of getting her support than if she’s shut out of the race.

Wow! The shot at McCain’s “tea party hobbits” comment was hilarious. The smirk on her face was priceless.

Sarah Palin just finished her barn-burner of a speech in which she talked about what SHE would do to help restore America. If that doesn’t sound like a campaign speech, I dunno what does. It was a great speech. RUN, SARAH, RUN!

David R. Graham | September 3, 2011 at 3:22 pm

“Exactly. The Palin strength lies in her conviction that America must survive, constitution intact! That is the message she sends while, others are all about themselves and their desire to be elected. To those that are so impatient…learn the lesson she is teaching: be in the moment, here and now, and be on the side of god and country..the rest will fall into place.”

Dan Riehl concurs:

“America does not have to live with an arbitrary and capricious executive branch for more than 4 years.

So says your friendly, neighborhood Liberal.”

The White House Insider concurs:

And retire05 is not a troll. He writes like a man who has shouldered high private and/or public responsibility. His points are straightforward, cogent, considered and informed. His experience level is high and wide. Such as these are not dismissed but rather, on the contrary, have influence.

    Mr. Graham, politics is not bean bag. Is is a science that has certain rules. Like them or not, they exist. With the advent of Obama, some of those rules, like when candidates actually start running, changed. Obama started running before he had actually warmed his seat in the U.S. Senate. And hasn’t stopped. And when you announce your candidacy, you have to be ready to hit the ground running. The time has passed for creating an organization.

    Dan Riehl gives his opinion, but he doesn’t really seem to know Perry’s method of campaigning. Perry isn’t your traditional candidate who seeks press and tries to get them in his corner. Example: when Rick Perry faced Kay Bailey Hutchison, some thought she would be able to walk away with the election. She pandered to the press, and when the press complained how Perry wouldn’t cater to them he said why should he? They weren’t going to write anything favorable about him anyway (considering the Texas press is pretty much all left wing).

    Instead, Perry went on the stump. He took his “message” to all 256 counties in Texas, even if it meant standing on the back of a pick-up talking to 10 people in a blue county. He had Q & A sessions with the voters and stayed until all questions were answered. Like him or not, he takes his message to the people directly.

    Perry schooled Bachmann on this in Iowa. When they were both scheduled to speak, Perry hit the fair grounds early, shaking hands, and if he missed someone who wanted to talk to him, he went back to them and let them know they were important to him. He hit every table set up, sat down and talked to the people there. Bachmann pretty much spent the day in her bus, having won the straw poll the day before, and that night, the speakers were Santorum, Perry and then Bachmann. Perry, having been on the grounds all day had people on their feet applauding, while Bachman insisted the lighting be changed, making people wait on her speech and when she was done, signed t-shirts and threw them to the audience, which included Perry. After the t-shirt throwing, Bachmann left by not going through the crowd. Perry was, once again, in the crowd and stayed until the place was being swept out and he had talked to everyone who wanted to talk to him or shake hands. Within days, Perry was leading the Iowa polls.

    If Palin is going to run, she is wasting valuable time. She needs to be building a campaign staff, having meetings with the bundlers she can count on, meeting with those who are experts in fields she is lax on. Preaching to the choir like she did today, is not going to cut it.

    Those of us who have been involved in politics for decades understand the rules have changed, and like our military who accommodates for the change in rules by the enemy, you have to adapt. Palin seems to be running on being her own person who makes up her own rules, but the problem with being a “Maverick” is that mavericks don’t win. A real “maverick” is a steer that disrupts the entire herd and has to be culled. If she doesn’t take the next month building her machine, she will have missed the mark while Romney and Perry are hitting the states picking up the money people who can bundle millions. Romney just landed the biggest GOP bundler in New Hampshire and Perry landed the biggest one in South Carolina. They are crucial to any campaign.

    Has Palin been unfairly treated by the press and continued to keep on getting up? Yeah, but for three years she has been the person they love to hate the most, and that is not going to change if she get in the race. She will pull negative reporting from Romney, Bachmann and Palin and in a nation where people rely on 6 second soundbites, she will not gain in popularity.

    Today she gave a speech that was pretty much plagiarized from a number of people: “working man” – FDR, “politics as ususal” – Obama, “10th amendment and let the private sector do its job” – Rick Perry, “entitlement reform” – pretty much all the GOP candidates currently running, including Huntsman. Her message, while consistant, was vague and short on specifics. The candidates are going to be hitting specifics from now on, and she better gear up for that.

    I can promise you that Romney, Bachmann and Perry all have opposition research teams that will go through her record with a fine toothed comb. They will know where she is weak, and where she is strong, and they will play on those weaknesses. All three will portray her as “irratic” and unpredictable at a time when the nation is looking for stability.

    Again, Palin is risking beating the clock. And is she continues to hedge her bets, she will lose support. She has got to get in, or get out and she is going to have to do that within the next couple of weeks.

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to retire05. | September 4, 2011 at 12:32 am

      Yep but I might like to see 10 years of emails. Let him redact 10%.

      I am ready to sift through a few hundred just like the NYT & WaPo asked readers to.

      You a Texan ? Get a FOI . Lets see your man up close &personal.

David R. Graham | September 3, 2011 at 3:24 pm

“Please keep asking yourself the question: Is she ELECTABLE?”

Now THAT is a troll writing. Requesting a decision based on something no one knows or controls: the future. Purpose of the question is to spread FUD. A troll.

    Cowboy Curtis in reply to David R. Graham. | September 3, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    If the question of electability isn’t the critical question for evaluating any candidate, what is? The whole point of the process is to win elections and thus enact policy. The question of whether or not candidate X can win seems, well, key.

    How many important decisions do we make in life that don’t involve an unknown or beyond control future? I’m inclined to think we structure the bulk of our lives around such things. You take the info you have, your very imperfect notions of what the future holds, and make a decision. That’s not trolling, that’s life.

      The problem with the question is that except in very clear cases (true fringe candidates), no one knows who’s electable.

      Reagan wasn’t in 1979. Obama wasn’t in 2007. Clinton wasn’t in 1991. And Nixon certainly wasn’t after losing the presidential race in 1960 and the California governor’s (!) race in 1962. He thought so himself.

      Mostly people are unelectable only after they don’t get elected.

Who would have thought Obama would have been electable??? What record did he run on? Voting present doesn’t amount to leadership. Sarah is gutsier than Obama could ever hope to be. If he had the press after him like they are Palin, he would be hiding under his bed crying.

    Cowboy Curtis in reply to wendybar. | September 3, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    But he didn’t, he won’t, and he never will, face that sort of media brutality. Nor will any other Democrat nominee in the next 20 years. She will, and fair isn’t part of the equation.

    Folks, if you thought she was roughly treated since ’08, you ain’t seen nothing yet if she’s the nominee.

      I’m sure she knows this. She said today: “You will be demonized. They’ll mock you. They’ll make things up. They’ll tell you to go to hell.”

      A friend of mine put it this way:
      “Almost a year to go until the GOP Primary.
      Relax, naysayers, and get a grip. Or a life. Or sumpin. If she really is all that stupid, wrong, and dumb, the process will manage to shoulder her aside. And you can be right without risking anything. Let her do the risking for you.
      Ah! But if she wins! If she prevails! You will have a rather substantial amount of egg on your faces.”

      I have vivid memories of 1979-80 when Reagan ran. The things his own party said about him were awful, yet I wasn’t deterred one second. I would have crawled over broken glass to vote for Reagan, and my commitment for Sarah Palin is just as strong.

        retire05 in reply to Kitty. | September 3, 2011 at 5:41 pm

        Kitty, no one thinks Palin is stupid She’s not. But she can’t run as a maverick and expect to win. Like it or not, she has to play by certain rules. You may not like that, I may not like that, but it is what it is; reality.

        And Palin isn’t Reagan. No one is. There was only one Washington, one Lincoln and one Reagan.

          I didn’t imply she WAS Reagan. I pointed out that the slurs being lobbed at him, from his own party!, did not stop me from voting for him. Likewise, nothing being said about Palin will stop me from voting for her — if she runs. And I hope she does.

          Let’s see how things play out.

        Cowboy Curtis in reply to Kitty. | September 3, 2011 at 6:25 pm

        I don’t think she’s stupid. I don’t think any governor who manages to destroy the dominant political machine in their state, much less one in their own party, is dumb. Not by a long shot.

        I don’t really have a problem with her running for the nomination. As I’ve stated on this site many times, I don’t think she’ll win a single primary. I think that for two years she had lightning in a bottle, but the charge has begun to fizzle. And oddly enough, Obama’s failure is a big reason for it. He’s been so bad, that for most of the republican electorate, defeating him has become too important to take chances on, and nominating her is taking a big chance. Hell, its a big part of why I, a person favorably disposed towards her, has no intention of supporting her in the primaries.

        Personally, I don’t want her to run, and its mainly because I like her. She’s not going to win the primaries, and when that happens, the left and the media will be utterly gleeful and heartened. I don’t want that. I also don’t want to see a woman who I think does a good job of motivating the base and putting forward an attractive conservative message from without the DC power structure flame out in a very public way and thereby lose what I think, on the whole, is a position of influence that is generally beneficial to the party. Finally, I don’t want to see her diehard supports, many of whom are devoted to her as a person in a manner that goes far beyond policy, become resentful, angered, and come election time, apathetic, towards the eventual nominee because of the inevitable bruising she’s going to get from the rest of the field in the primaries.

        Honestly, I have a hard time understanding this personal devotion to her that so many of her supporters posses. These are politicians, not your friends. They are vehicles for policy, nothing more. Each is a terribly flawed person, as are we all, and each will disappoint you terribly at some point, and few- if any- are as personally virtuous as we’d like to think. History produces very few indispensable men, there have only been a couple dozen at most, and regardless of my personal affinity for the woman, I see no reason to think Sarah Palin is one of them. I want Obama out of the White House, and that’s all I care about. I don’t think the America we’ve known can survive another four years of his leadership, and I think its critical that he not only be defeated in 2012, but that its by such a margin that definitively repudiates his entire agenda and belief system. Palin can’t deliver that. Perry, and perhaps to a lesser degree Romney, potentially can.

          “Personally, I don’t want her to run, and its mainly because I like her. She’s not going to win the primaries, and when that happens, the left and the media will be utterly gleeful and heartened.”

          That’s going to happen anyway, regardless if she runs or not.

          If Sarah Palin decides not to run, I’ll definitely be disappointed but I can accept it because I trust she made the right decision, for whatever reason. I trust her. My world will not end. I certainly won’t “become resentful, angered, and come election time, apathetic, towards the eventual nominee.” That’s just ridiculous. I’ll vote for the “R” nominee. Will you?

          Cowboy Curtis in reply to Cowboy Curtis. | September 3, 2011 at 8:15 pm

          Uh, yeah. I would have thought all that stuff I wrote in the post you are responding to, about the overarching importance of getting Obama out of the White House, would have made that clear.

          I agree with Cowboy Curtis. I’m still hoping for a Palin/West ticket “next time”, but right now, the tough guy down in Texas is looking more like what needs to be put into this fight. It’s Congress that will be key on the economic issues.

DINORightMarie | September 3, 2011 at 7:32 pm

It was a great speech. No announcement (which I admit – my prediction was wrong). No surprise, after Rove said she was – and threw out the threat of “if she doesn’t she’d done” or something. Rove needed to be proven wrong. So, if she had planned to before, not announcing today was inevitable.

Now, that said. She laid out what she would do in her speech. That says to me she’s in, and it is just a matter of when she will decide to announce.

My NEW prediction: when she decides, it will be announced in Alaska on the radio show she promised to tell first. We will ALL see the post on Facebook, maybe a video commercial, and that radio broadcast/announcement almost simultaneously. Tech savvy Palin is, along with her team. (My prediction is of course my opinion only – and is worth about as much as my prior prediction…… 😉 Just sayin’.)

As to whether she is “electable” – let the voters decide. Let the best candidate rise to the top. With the fiasco that is Obama, and the obvious lapse in judgment by the American voter in choosing him, I believe more people will turn out to get Obama OUT of office. Barring any massive voter fraud, or a manufactured crisis, the election should be a fairly large majority win for the Republican candidate.

Have a great weekend everyone! And, if you want to read something fun and relevant to the topic, check this out: Wacky Palin Clan? . Funny!

I like her idea of trading the $192 billion (9%) corporate piece of current federal revenue for the kind of jump start we need for an economy that now has to borrow 40 cents of every federal dollar spent and no thought of bringing unemployment down to 5% until 2017.

Compared to $787 billion stimulus and 2% tax payroll holiday, $192 billion seems a bargain.

That’s my kind of get cracking leader.

I keep looking for an identifiable “core” of beliefs/principles from Palin, and I haven’t seen one yet. She is a good speaker, has a good sense of politics, but….

It is my view that the path to the White House for Palin is a LIVE, 20 minute interview with Katy Couric.