What’s doing?

Palin’s appearance on Greta last night certainly leaves the impression she’s not running, and the reasons she articulated may very well be what she is thinking, not just cover talk:

If someone doesn’t deeply want it, they should not run. Chris Christie (regardless of his merits) didn’t want it badly enough, so he was right to not run. I wonder about reluctant candidate like Rick Perry, who initially said not interested then was interested. Perhaps his first few weeks reflected lingering ambivalence — although since the last debate he seems fired up.  Maybe the harsh reaction to the last debate was just what Perry needed, and in the long run will be a benefit because it got him and his campaign focused.

What else is happening?

Added:  How about this, Iran ‘steals surface-to-air missiles from Libya’.

From the comments:
Pakistan on the Brink
Rick Perry sorry for the “heart” line

Something I can’t bring myself to do a whole post on: Meghan McCain is a total fool like totally and a total bully and totally humorless and totally pathetic and she even totally lied about me, too, and I hope that one totally day she totally gets what’s totally coming to her, namely, everyone totally ignoring her.