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I listened to Mahmoud Abbas’s delusional speech at the U.N., perpetuating the Palestinians as exclusive victims narrative.

I’m listening to Benjamin Netanyahu now, a model of clarity on the threats to peace.  I’ll hope to post the videos later.

For now, it’s open time.

On the table not only is the Middle East, but the Republican primaries.  I posted earlier about Perry, but if he faulters where does that leave us?

And Harry Reid is forcing a showdown and shutdown over the continuing resolution.  Bring it on?

Update: It’s still ongoing, but this is possibly Netanyahu’s best speech ever “I speak for hundreds of generations of Jews…. who never gave up their hope of restoring their national rights in the one and only Jewish state…” I can’t wait to post it, you will love it. It is a masterpiece of taking down all the falsehoods and myths spread by Arab rejectionists, Islamic militants, and Western leftists.


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If you read between the lines of today’s Solyndra “partial hangout” in the NYTimes, you get the definitely feeling that not only doesn’t the White House know what it is doing when it comes to the solar energy sector, but the Department of Energy is equally, if not more, confused.
How anybody could entrust large sums of money to any of these folks is beyond reason.

Just finished listening to Netanyahu’s speech. He was eloquent, powerful and persuasive. What a contrast to our appeaser-in-chief!

Bibi was wonderful. If only we had a prez like that. I hope that the US Jewish population realize that Israel will be wiped off this earth if Obama has another 4 years. Don’t let one pro Israel campaign speech fool you. Obama hates Netanyahu and Israel.

How can he speak so eloquently without 2 teleprompters?
nevermind I know

a great point he made when speaking of his plesge to keep Israel safe was ,” better bad press than a good eulogy”

I wonder if anyone sitting there actually understands or if they are so full of hate for jews they are willing to let islamists take over

bob aka either orr | September 23, 2011 at 2:26 pm

Arab rejectionists, Islamic militants, and Western leftists are all of the same cloth. Well done, Bibi.

GOP needs someone to lead. What we have now is a small group, hoping to jump in front of the herd once the dust settles. Not much enthusiasm being generated. We don’t need a Coolidge or Eisenhower, we need a Lincoln.

Netanyahu was excellent. I was surprised at the clapping and positive reception he received, but I don’t know much about who was there; I thought it’d be the usual miscreants who hate Israel. The speech was magnificent.