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One More Item For Far Left’s Ever-Expanding List Of Unapproved Behaviors That Murder People

One More Item For Far Left’s Ever-Expanding List Of Unapproved Behaviors That Murder People

First it was “targeting” congressional seats.

Then, it was opposing gay marriage.

Now, as The Other McCain reports, not publicizing one’s (alleged) bisexuality.

“I gave Ellen Page a decent chance to come out with the truth,” Topitschnig posted on V-Generations. “Two months ago, I mentioned her in my LGBT article and made it pretty clear what she had to do. . . .
“I wrote: ‘In times like these when young gay people commit suicide out of fear of rejection, role models are needed. The gravity of the situation doesn’t ask for passive hiding but active fighting. What will Ellen Page’s choice be?’”

Ms. Page’s sex life and what aspects of it she chooses not to share are personal and private matters, and not the public’s business unless she makes it so.  But since the left has decided that the personal is political and that all those who oppose any of the objectives of LGBT organizations are hateful (H8ful?) bigots, extremists like Topitshnig seem to look upon those insufficiently dedicated to the cause like retreating Soviet troops at Stalingrad.

As a refreshing counterpoint to Topitshnig, I found this article by Jonathan Rauch in the LBGT publication The Advocate, explaining that excessive name-calling and attacks on religious freedom are not only problematic in themselves, but are harmful to the LGBT cause.  Rauch argues that such attacks risk alienating and insulting moderates they would like to convert on this or that issue, a group which dwarfs the relative handful of truly hostile ill-wishing individuals.  It probably deserves a post of its own, but for now I’ll settle for  a “read the whole thing.”


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“explaining that excessive name-calling and attacks on religious freedom are not only problematic in themselves, but are harmful to the LGBT cause.”

I have to second that, and tell you of my own personal experience in California. When the supporters of gay marriage picketed the local Mormon temple with hostility and tormented the people entering into the site, they completely lost any chance they had of winning my vote. I, personally, will never support any form of gay marriage until that group learns to be as tolerant of others as they demand others be tolerant of them.

I have my own view: I think contractual unions should be segregated from sacramental ones. However, I was recently grateful my son was wearing his Cub Scout uniforms. A group of advocates for gay marriage were gathering petition signatures. Because of my son’s uniform, they didn’t hassle me for a signature. I wasn’t really up for explaining why I didn’t support their cause, and detail my own views on the matter.

    This gay marriage thing has ALWAYS been about attacking churches. They never even needed official “civil unions,” because contract law in this country is pretty damned open. People leave their money to their cats and dogs fer cryin’ out loud! But did any homosexuals attempt their unions through contract? Nope. They suddenly starting bitching about wanting to get married (after centuries of heaping scorn on the concept).

    This is about smashing churches. It’s about releasing the hedoistic beast into the mainstream culture.

In a conference call this morning with Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa, reporters were told the Attorney General in Mexico has confirmed at least 200 murders south of the border happened as a result of Operation Fast and Furious. Eleven crimes in the United States have been linked to Operation Fast and Furious up to this point.

GLBT RAGE “We must out people out of the closet so we can demand people stay out of our bedrooms!”

Poor Ellen, she’s an awesome actress and she shouldn’t be subjected to such snipping by people I’m sure she largely agrees with. Are people that are mum about their orientation really going to be dangerous in a culture which currently has so many positive reinforcements? Just turn on the Bravo channel any day of the week.

1. Recently I was stunned to learn that opposing gay marriage (but not civil unions) makes me a Jim-Crow-type bigot.

2. The progressive process won’t stop here. Once outing oneself has become imperative, a logical next step is to establish bisexual experimentation as a social norm.

The Why won’t you go out with me? Is it because I’m black? of the 1960s/70s will become Why won’t you go out with me? Is it because I’m gay? Or lesbian.

Refuse and be mocked. A few years later, refuse too strongly and be hauled before your school or human resources authorities for a hate crime.

3. When it comes right down to it, I’d rather live in a country run by Christianist kooks than a country run by diversity-celebrating PC multiculturalists. Of course, my strong desire is to live in a country run by neither.

I don’t know its fair to surmise all of that from the words of a blogger so insignificant and out of date that their blog is actually on livejournal.

Maybe it’s just me but it always amazed me that many in the LGBT whine because the rest of society doesn’t treat them as equal/normal but they continue to define themselves by their sexuality.

Why do they need to make a big flipping production of “outing” thenselves or others? It seems like if they just lived their lives like regular people their sexual orientation would become obvious to those who know them and the rest of the world probably doesn’t give a rat’s patootie.

Sad, more of the shame.

The issue for consideration is homosexual behavior, whether it is practiced by couplets or couples. The negative attributes of this behavior are exacerbated through promiscuous behavior. It is a more significant problem for males than females, simply because the orifice the former select for intercourse is not designed for anything other than material processing and waste removal.

The second issue for consideration is a question of tolerance or normalization. Since the behavior is deviant, and does not contribute positively to humanity or society, there is no legitimate reason to normalize it. However, unlike other deviant behaviors, including involuntary exploitation (e.g., murder, rape, pedophilia), there is no conclusive evidence that homosexual behavior restricted to practice between consenting adults is an immediate threat to humanity or society. A similar unproductive outcome can be observed between couples when they do not procreate, eschew responsibility for their child, or prematurely terminate a life (i.e., abortion).

So, the individual, irrespective of the behavior they voluntarily choose to engage in, should be respected for their inherent dignity. As others have said, their interests can be protected through contract; but, it would not be unreasonable to offer civil unions, not only for couplets, but also for couples. The institution of marriage should be reserved to recognize the only naturally productive human behavior.

That said, it is quite odd when people willfully define themselves by their behavior or an incidental feature such as skin color. It is made worse when discrimination, and especially institutional discrimination, are defended through a selective recall of history and reality.

The denigration of individual dignity and devaluation of human life are the principal causes for the regression our society is experiencing. When it is coupled with an abuse of authority and involuntary exploitation, then we observe the principal cause for progressive corruption of individuals and society.

The whole gay rights issue has devolved from a push for tolerance to a push for approval.

My opinion is that people can do whatever they want to do. It’s a free country. I neither approve nor disapprove of gays or their activities. I am sometimes embarrassesd by their antics and other times amused by them. Some of them can out-girl the girls. I just don’t want the idea of their choice of sexual activity shoved down my throat. I don’t want to know the sexual habits of anyone…gay or straight. I really don’t want to think about it. It is extremely offensive to me. This country is becoming obcessed with sex and violence and that is a shame. Hollywood and television have a lot to anwer for. Young kids are now dressing like the sex objects of Hollywood who have whored their way to the top. These are not normal people and sometimes I think not rational people. Just crazy mixed up people. They should never be used as role models.

As far as gays getting married in churches, or anywhere else for that matter, I can only ask why they want to. Marriage is not all its cracked up to be. I tried it once, and believe me, once was more than enough.