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Obama’s Speech to a Joint Session of Bumper Stickers

Obama’s Speech to a Joint Session of Bumper Stickers

This vehicle looks like a preview of the one liners in Obama’s upcoming speech to a Joint Session of Congress.

Thanks to commenter Stark who writes:

I figured you’d get a kick out this one. This is one of the finer examples of what not to do to your car. I live in Cape Canaveral but I saw this in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Update:  Stark mentioned in the comments that part of the photo was cut out. I cropped it so it would fit better in the post, and at top is what was cropped out:


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I’ll bet this is one of those Florida voters who “accidently” voted for Bush instead of Gore.

Joan Of Argghh | September 6, 2011 at 7:17 am

The car’s license plate motto leads me to believe this is a public teacher.

Actually, the whole statement makes me laugh – particularly the “Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginations.” it makes me think of the “Republicans for Voldemort” bumper sticker, which I’ve always been inordinately fond of for some crazy reason, mostly because it indicates that the opposition really does reside in a world of fiction.

When I see pictures of cars with so many bumper stickers on it, I think it would be a fun prank to sneak up and put on another sticker. The owner would probably not even notice. For this car, my top choice would be “Once You Go Black You Never Go Back – Obama 2012”. I know it sounds a bit racist, but for some reason, looking at this car & imagining some white suburban soccer mom (and maybe a teacher owning it), it just seems apt, so my apologies in advance.

DINORightMarie | September 6, 2011 at 8:32 am

I particularly like the “tolerant” donkey buck-kicking the elephant oval sticker. And the “Too informed to vote Republican.”

Tolerance is so beautiful. Feel the love. Warms my heart. *sniff*

Oh, and: you like to pay taxes? Great! You can pay mine, too! In fact, if you love taxes so much – it is just so “patriotic”! – why not give the government 100% of your money?

There, now. Feel better? Sure; I knew you would. /sarc

(You have to use the Mr. Rogers voice for such “informed” people. That is how they learned, you see.)

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 6, 2011 at 8:44 am

I’ve heard it said that because it’s generally legal to “turn right on red” at most intersections, UPS drivers plan their routes with a disproportionate number of “right turns”. That speeds up delivery and generally makes the driver more efficient and productive. The Left would probably call it progress.

But this driver is pigheaded and wants everyone to take left turns — even though going right would make everybody’s life better and more productive.

I love how the “Silly Republicans, Obama Cut Your Taxes” is right next to “Paying Taxes is Patriotic”

So if paying taxes is patriotic and Obama cut our taxes, does that mean we are a little less patriotic now?

The top of the picture got cut but it was parked in a disabled spot. Mentally.

I took one look at this car and realized the good Professor had to see it.


My mother, age 80/disintegrated spine, and my sister, age 60/needs hip replacement and uses a cane, have handicapped tags, so I’ve begun to notice folks getting in and out of cars parked in handicapped designated spots – some with and some without handicapped tags/plates. You’d be surprised how able bodied and young most “handicapped” drivers are. It always sends my blood pressure up when I see these lazy, entitled people taking up a spot intended for a truly handicapped person.

    rshayne in reply to boudicca. | September 6, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    While I agree that many people who seem not to need handicap permits, seeing is not always believing. I am just 48 and “look” healthy. However, back surgery, gout and a heart transplant have left me disabled to the point where walking is quite painful. I don’t really look that way, but it’s only because I refuse to walk with a cane and hide my limping well.

    Be very careful about judging a book by its’ cover.

    I get more offended when someone parks in the spot without a placard or plate.

The bumperstickerist IS handicapped, he/she’s delusional.

TheLastBrainLeft | September 6, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Did that person have a handicapped parking permit?

Those bumper stickers are all that is holding the car together. Without them it would fall apart, like Obama’s poll numbers.

Pretty good example of self-righteous exhibitionism.