The News Beast reports that Obama sold Israel bunker buster bombs that the Bush administration had previously blocked in 2005.

The problem: In 2007, the Bush arranged for the bombs to be delivered in the 2009-2010 time period, which they were.  Newsweek of course dutifully spun the story to emphasize Bush’s original refusal, rather than the fact that the bombs arrived when Bush had promised they would.

Obama doesn’t deserve points for every agreement with Israel he doesn’t break.  He deserves criticism for each one he does break, such as the agreement that promised Israel US support for building in certain parts of East Jerusalem.

But maybe I’m just too cynical.  Surely this “leak,” conveniently spun by a friendly publication,  has nothing to do with Obama’s “I’m not anti-Israel, now please give me your money so I can have four more years of being even more ‘not anti-Israel’ than I am now ” campaign to shore up his Jewish support.  No, that would be crazy talk.


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