There’s an interesting race shaping up in heavily Democratic NY9 to fill the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner (whose Twitter account was proven by the left-blogosphere to have been hacked by Andrew Breitbart, until it turned out it wasn’t).

Republican Bob Turner is facing off against Democrat David Weprin.  The election is next Tuesday.

Republican Turner is picking up a slew of endorsements, including former Mayor Ed Koch and influential Orthodox Jewish State Assemblyman Dov HikundThe NY Post has a scathing attack on Weprin as part of its endorsement of Turner.

Chuck Schumer is trying to ride to Weprin’s rescue with a campaign appearance, as is Obama for America which is working the phones for turnout.


If Republican Turner wins, the media will portray it as a fluke in unusual circumstances of a disgraced Democrat, and a message sent by voters to no one other than Anthony Weiner.

If Democrat Weprin wins, it will be proof that Obama and Democrats have regained momentum, and that voters are rejecting the extremism of the right-wing.