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NY9 prediction

NY9 prediction

There’s an interesting race shaping up in heavily Democratic NY9 to fill the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner (whose Twitter account was proven by the left-blogosphere to have been hacked by Andrew Breitbart, until it turned out it wasn’t).

Republican Bob Turner is facing off against Democrat David Weprin.  The election is next Tuesday.

Republican Turner is picking up a slew of endorsements, including former Mayor Ed Koch and influential Orthodox Jewish State Assemblyman Dov HikundThe NY Post has a scathing attack on Weprin as part of its endorsement of Turner.

Chuck Schumer is trying to ride to Weprin’s rescue with a campaign appearance, as is Obama for America which is working the phones for turnout.


If Republican Turner wins, the media will portray it as a fluke in unusual circumstances of a disgraced Democrat, and a message sent by voters to no one other than Anthony Weiner.

If Democrat Weprin wins, it will be proof that Obama and Democrats have regained momentum, and that voters are rejecting the extremism of the right-wing.


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That’s exactly what they’ll do. However in the latter case, even with all the weight of the MSM, the spin really doesn’t seem plausible given the Democrat electoral history in the district. It’s a district they should win.

If Bob Turner wins, I hereby predict Maureen Dowd will easily outdo Gail Collins by half.

I predict she will write a column that will make it very clear to the left that she has gone all non compos mentis when it comes to The Won. The rest of us will no doubt be smiling and whispering, “We told you so, MoDo!” under our breath.

If Maureen Dowd uses the phrase non compos mentis it will be because she has suffered a stroke, hit her head on the keyboard and by some crazy happenstance the letters came up Latin.

Her mentis hasn’t been compos for years now.

    Heh. I wasn’t suggesting that she would use the phrase . . . rather, I was suggesting that she would likely “cross over” in her mounting criticism of Obama.

    MoDo wouldn’t be the first national columnist and supporter of Obama to openly lose it in print.

    Consider, if you will, the case of Washington Post columnist, Eugene Robinson, one of Obama’s most earnest supporters.

    Here is his hookthe first sentence from his latest column, addressing what he believes Obama “must” say in his coming jobs speech:

    “President Obama’s promised jobs plan needs to be unrealistic and unreasonable, at the very least. If he can crank it all the way up to unimaginable, that would be even better.”

    Kool-Aid, much? Alas, we can only hope!

    That would prove to even the slowest amongst us what the rest of us already know:

    The only thing that is “shovel-ready” is the Obama Administration!

DINORightMarie | September 6, 2011 at 8:16 pm

All too predictable. If it weren’t true, it would be funny.

Sadly, there are STILL many people who will buy into the agitprop.

How can people be so sucked in by the 24/7 lie machine?

That is one thing that still scares me.

I thought (hoped, really) the American people were too smart to vote for the liberal radical, Obama, back in 2008. As we all know only too well, I was proven wrong. Hopefully there people are more informed, and don’t buy this spin anymore.

We won’t be fooled. And yes, I know the kool-aid has worn off, and there are many now who are no longer under the ObaMessiah’s spell.

I just wonder: how many still don’t get it, and think CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/NBC/NYT/WaPo etc. are telling them the TRUTH?

I mailed Turner a campaign contribution a couple of weeks ago. It’s not too late to support his campaign.

TheLastBrainLeft | September 7, 2011 at 12:50 pm

I live in NY-9 (Queens). Not a Weprin sign in sight. All Turner. Weprin stepped in it big time with his national debt gaffe and subsequent weaseling out of a planned debate, using the “hurricane” as a lame excuse. The Koch and Daily News endorsements are huge, they carry weight with Democrats in this area. Even with all that, Weprin has two things going for him. One is his name. Saul Weprin, his father, was a legend in local politics. The other is the usual shenanigans Dems engage in all elections of this type. You can be sure the local unions will be doing a huge GOTV in Forest Hills and Rego Park, making sure every elderly Jew is transported to the polls and reminded that Weprin is “Saul’s kid”. Beware of the “bag of votes found in Rego Park” maneuver.

That being said, there’s a real intensity for Turner. He’s a longtime NY-9 resident, Weprin is not. This is playing well in my part of the district. He’s also distancing himself from the Tea Party, which is allowing centrist Dems to consider voting for him (the way they did for Giuliani in the 90’s). While heavily Democratic, NY-9 has very few of the hardcore leftist Dems you’d see elsewhere in NYC, and most of them are not thrilled with Obama.

Stay optimistic, but don’t get TOO excited.