Michele Bachmann is doubling down on Ed Rollins, even though health concerns (allegedly) are the reason he will not run her campaign on a day-to-day basis:

Sources close to Rep. Michele Bachmann tell National Review Online that the Minnesota Republican has known for days that Ed Rollins, her campaign manager, would be stepping down from that post. Rollins reportedly spoke with Bachmann last Thursday and discussed his growing concerns about his health. His increased workload, he told Bachmann, following her Ames straw-poll win, worried his family. She respected his decision but urged him to stay involved.

Indeed, the relations between the pair, one source says, remain warm, and Rollins will be “kind of a Yoda” moving forward, advising Bachmann’s team about big-picture strategy. He will also remain on the payroll and will travel with the Bachmann family to high-profile events.

The interesting thing is that the latest Iowa caucus polling (for what it’s worth) shows that Bachmann is 11 points behind Rick Perry in her home state.  What has Ed Rollins done for her lately?

Not much other than alienate Palin supporters and make Bachmann toxic to them.  My gut tells me that if Palin announces she is not running, the gap between Perry and Bachmann will widen.