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Me on WRKO (Boston) last night

Me on WRKO (Boston) last night

I was the guest of Kevin Whalen of Pundit Review on WRKO in Boston.  WRKO is one of the major Boston stations which covers almost all of New England, and the Pundit Review has had the Sunday night spot for several years.

We covered Rick Perry, the debates, Herman Cain, Newt, Israel, and Elizabeth Warren.

The audio is available at the link above, and hopefully also works below:

Added: The money lines, in my humble opinion, related to Elizabeth Warren, who recently complained about greedy factory owners (segment in audio above on Warren starts at 20:40, quoted language at 23:50):

This is coming from somebody who has been feeding at the public trough for years.  It just came out in Politico that she made almost $200,000 for what she described as a part time role in the TARP program, she didn’t fully disclose it until Politico caught wind of it, she’d only disclosed $60 or $70,0000 …. This is somebody who’s career has been built at a tax exempt organization, Harvard.  Nobody has benefitted more from the “tax breaks” than professors at educational institutions, and I’m at one now, and we are in a situation that we do benefit from the current tax code. But for somebody who has been making hundreds of thousands a year working at a tax exempt organization, and that’s only why they can pay her $350000 per year and pay her husband … presumably something close to that.  She gets a couple of hundred thousand from the TARP program, she has done a lot of consulting.  She’s done very well on the backs, frankly, of the factory owners and the people who subsidize our entire government.


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Great listening to you, Professor.

I hope to hear you on your own radio show some day …

Nice job Professor Jacobson…

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 26, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Terrific interview.

Excellent….makes me think your family tree might have a branch connected to a certain man with the last name of Limbaugh 🙂

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | September 26, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Elizabeth wants to demonize “greedy” factory developers, as if they don’t know full well about all the moving parts needed to be aligned to make something like a factory (or a country) work.

But Queen Elizabeth “Warren-ts” a million or two a year set aside for a tax exempt church of social justice holiness. Her highness has never succeeded at such trivial matters as making a factory work, she only needs to speak excathedra from the holy halls of “Hahavahd”.

“Queen Elizabeth” … that should catch on … these arrogant arses try to set workers against their employers, as they set themselves above the fray. Didn’t we win the wart against such high mindedness?

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | September 26, 2011 at 2:09 pm

“war” I meant … against the warts that want to dictate to us. lol


I was going to say, “I hope to see you on your own TV talk show some day,” but then I wondered how those relentless tics that look like strangling gestures would go over with a viewing audience … not to mention the additional 10 pounds.

The “greedy business owner” ideology has even crept into my church. After a biblical lesson on envy was presented the weekly prayers included first a prayer for educators that they have the blessing and resources to do their difficult job, the next prayer was that business owners would be honest and trustworthy. This really upset me because my husband works incredibly hard and takes almost insane risks to keep our business afloat, yet the assumption was that he is broken and needs to be fixed, but the teachers are angels and need all the blessings they can get. It is really making me question if I am joining the right church. I really don’t want to walk out of church feeling condemned just because my husband works hard and provides a service to the public and supports our family with the little bit the government actually lets us keep. We certainly pay more than our fair share of property taxes to pay the teacher’s salaries, so perhaps someone should be sayinb a prayer that the teachers learn how to avoid envy and covetousness and reaching coercively into their neighbors pockets. But, then that is not what church should be about. That is why I will say it here, rather tgan condemning the teachers in front of the entire church as they did to us.

    Milhouse in reply to ella8. | September 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    You’re right that the two prayers should be parallel. Both teachers and businessmen need “the blessing and resources to do their difficult job”, and the guidance to do it well and honestly. But being in business does present unique opportunities for dishonesty, so it does make sense to pray specifically that businessmen be protected from that temptation.

      How about the teachers in Georgia who erased answers to achieve better test scores? Dishonesty is a potential problem for any person doing anything, it is not unique to entrepeneurs. Besides, the point of what I was saying is that politics and envy should not be presented at church. This was not the first service that had a political twist to it. I am going to continue to go to church, but I will not be giving an offering until I decide if it is “The Church” or “the church” that is the problem.

        ella8 in reply to ella8. | September 26, 2011 at 5:36 pm

        Also I am an educator as a stay at home mom, subsidized solely by my “greedy” husband. But I am sure I am not the educator they were praying for.

      Dishonesty is unique to… the researcher educator that fabricates data, the public employee pension double dipper, the corrupt politician tax evader who gives special favors to his cronies, the person who intentionally defaults on their student loan, the welfare mom who buys booze, drugs, and cigarettes yet says she is too poor to buy food and a coat for her kids, the same woman who takes food stamps and the free coat the “greedy” business owner donated to the church, the drug dealer who has an invisible income so gets welfare benefits anyways,the sex abuse scandal covering priest, the “victim” chasing lawyer (specifially the one who made millions of of the USDA black farmer reparations scandal)…. I could go on all day. Dishonesty is not restricted to any particular profession, income, race, creed, or sex.

      Teaching presents enormous opportunities for intellectual dishonesty, otherwise known as “Going along to get along.” If you don’t believe that, you haven’t tried presenting a group of students with scientific evidence challenging anthropogenic global warming, just for starters.

Very nice showing Professor! Enjoyed listening to you for a change instead of reading your thoughts. And, thanks for skewering Elizabeth Warren, she deserved that and a lot more. However, if she gets the nomination, I fear she has a better than even chance of winning that Senate seat being that next year is a presidential election and not an off year election. I look forward to hearing you interviewed again. Now, get back to work at your taxpayer subsidized job. Lol Just kidding. 😉

Also, why is it that a real entrepeneur owes something to society, yet the crony business gets to screw the taxpayers over. Solyndra really does owe us, but they get a free screw the taxpayers pass.

Great interview, Professor!

1. Listening to the audio of Warren, without the distraction of video, really brings out the anger–one might say rage–in her voice.

2. I’m not sure what she thinks would happen to the workers in that factory if businesses didn’t build factories. Maybe her answer is for the government to build all the factories?

3. I live in MA. Like commenter Liberty, I fear that Warren might beat Brown here. (Brown is no prize, but he is not a disaster like Warren.) Hope lies in Warren’s blatant negativity; she may not be able to disguise it as compassionate righteous indignation.

4. Nobody has benefitted more from the “tax breaks” than professors at educational institutions, and I’m at one now, and we are in a situation that we do benefit from the current tax code. But for somebody who has been making hundreds of thousands a year working at a tax exempt organization, and that’s only why they can pay her $350000 per year…

Sounds plausible, but I don’t know enough about the tax code to understand fully. Perhaps you mean that if Harvard were a business, the owners would take as profits part of the money that currently goes to Warren’s salary.