I was the guest of Kevin Whalen of Pundit Review on WRKO in Boston.  WRKO is one of the major Boston stations which covers almost all of New England, and the Pundit Review has had the Sunday night spot for several years.

We covered Rick Perry, the debates, Herman Cain, Newt, Israel, and Elizabeth Warren.

The audio is available at the link above, and hopefully also works below:

Added: The money lines, in my humble opinion, related to Elizabeth Warren, who recently complained about greedy factory owners (segment in audio above on Warren starts at 20:40, quoted language at 23:50):

This is coming from somebody who has been feeding at the public trough for years.  It just came out in Politico that she made almost $200,000 for what she described as a part time role in the TARP program, she didn’t fully disclose it until Politico caught wind of it, she’d only disclosed $60 or $70,0000 …. This is somebody who’s career has been built at a tax exempt organization, Harvard.  Nobody has benefitted more from the “tax breaks” than professors at educational institutions, and I’m at one now, and we are in a situation that we do benefit from the current tax code. But for somebody who has been making hundreds of thousands a year working at a tax exempt organization, and that’s only why they can pay her $350000 per year and pay her husband … presumably something close to that.  She gets a couple of hundred thousand from the TARP program, she has done a lot of consulting.  She’s done very well on the backs, frankly, of the factory owners and the people who subsidize our entire government.