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Joe the Ford Buyer

Joe the Ford Buyer

Would anyone consider it “unexpected” if a variety of federal governmental agencies subjected Ford to a regulatory colonoscopy because of this commercial, which has clear political overtones.  Of course, they will not phrase it that way, it will be to “save the environment” or “protect children” or some other pretext.

And the guy in the commercial?  Pro-Obama bureaucrats and bloggers somewhere probably already are trying to figure out how to Joe the Plumber him.

It expresses my view, for sure.  I’m not in the market for a car, but if I were, I would not consider a GM or Chrysler, and would consider a Ford for no reason other than it stood alone and tall.

Ford is onto something here.  Big time.

(video h/t HotAir)


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Ford did take money. They just kept it quiet.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to ironghost. | September 16, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    They took about $5 billion in loan guarantees versus $50 billion in direct equity investment into GM. Hardly comparable.

This is exactly why I chose to buy Ford stock when it was around $1.25 per share. They did not take the bailout, so I knew they would weather the storm. The only thing I regret is that I did not buy more. If Ford had a minivan (new and improved, not a Windstar), I would definately be looking into one. I wish they had something that was convienient for three kids in carseats. I definately do not trust the quality of GM or Chrysler vehicles. We will probably be buying a Honda or Toyota.

    Might I suggest that you look at a Subaru instead? Their Tribeca minivan is awesome and is made in Indiana…better still, they have no union. 🙂

    herm2416 in reply to ella8. | September 16, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    The Expedition holds three caracara nicely, I speak from experience. Buy a used one, if a new one is unaffordable. Yes, the mileage is not as good, but all the babies will be surrounded by airbags : )

    neomom in reply to ella8. | September 17, 2011 at 8:25 am

    I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna with 126K miles on it. I went with the XLE to get both sliding automatic doors. Also go with leather seats – much easier to clean up after the kiddos.

    I have had almost zero issues with it, it is still in great shape. And it was built in Princeton Indiana with 70% domestic content!

This makes me wonder if I should remove the “Right Wing Conservative” bumper sticker from the Ford pickup that I’m driving because I already get dirty looks from some people. On second thought, I think I’ll just look for a bigger one instead.

I’ve purchased 9 new GM cars over the years and to this day prefer the look of a Cadillac to a Lincoln. BUT I’d never buy a GM or Fiat-Chrysler car now.

Just look at the Chevy Volt, a flop because it was designed to please the ‘green police’ and the bureaucrats in Washington instead of consumers. Look at the Obama-approved CEO of GM nodding at the CAFE requirements that’ll keep him in his position. Ought he not be dedicating his efforts to producing products that private citizens want to buy, to improve the sales and maximize profits for his company and provide value to private citizens who might buy his products?

Didn’t the administration study the fortunes of the Trabant or the Zil, don’t they know Mr. Putin rides around in a Mercedes? It’s another nail in the coffin for Obama if the public learned about the nationalization of GM, so the spin is on. Ford will likely be punished soon enough. Sad.

I have traditionally always bought a Toyota. I will be shopping for a Ford on my next vehicle purchase.

The Obami regime will unleash a three prong attack. Union contract negotiators to punish Ford w/ exhorbitant new costs. The EPA will do its part, along w/ DOT.

our household will not buy or lease anything made by UAW labor, to include Ford.

there are two Mercedes and a Nissan pickup in the drive way.
we might be in the market for a large truck as part of our disaster prep, but that will be purchased used if we do.

We had been a Saturn family but it was shut down by the UAW because the cars were made in Tennessee. We purchased a Ford Escape recently for my wife; I got her Saturn Vue since I needed a new used car.

Love this ad. When the bailouts were in the making, I wrote all three car companies and told them I would never buy one of their products again if they took a dime of my tax dollars. GM and Chrysler didn’t take me seriously.


It wasn’t so much GM/Chrysler that were bailed out but, rather, the UAW.

Obama overturned 500+ years of bankruptcy law by putting the UAW’s interest ahead of bondholders. They put secured creditors at the back of the line and the unsecured up front. The result was one of the biggest acts of pure theft in the history of the world. Over $40 Billion of bondholders money (much of it in retirement funds) got turned into a billion or so of stock, which quickly dropped in value. Meanwhile, the UAW, was handed nearly half of GM – based on nothing.

This made ALL US debt inherently more risky. We are no longer a nation of laws. Any bankruptcy of a politically connected entity can, in future, be expected to be resolved on the basis of political influence.

I’ve always bought cars from the big 3, not because they were the best value but out of a sense of civic responsibility to my fellow citizens. The idea being to keep the money circulating in our economy rather than going overseas.

Never again. I’ll never consciously do anything that puts a dime into the UAW’s pockets. That includes buying anything from Ford.

Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | September 16, 2011 at 11:02 pm

I need to remember to hit the remember me option when logging in.

I actually saw this commercial earlier, and instantly loved it. While Ford took some money, it was comparable to a dime in the overall scheme of things. I’ve always loved Ford, and while I am looking at a Nissan Frontier for a light truck, it’s only because the Ford Ranger is pretty much a fleet vehicle even with the added cabs and whatnot, and not really what I would realistically need while adding on my preference for light trucks.

Ford will pay for their insolence, this administration will be sure to see to that. But I think it’ll only produce the opposite desired effect. Already alot of people are waking up to the strongarm tactics of the left.

GM and Chrysler wanted the bailout rather than go Chapter II because they thought people wouldn’t buy a car from a company in bankruptcy. But there may be more people who won’t buy a car from Obama. I’m with the professor, I’ll buy a ford.

Ages ago GM sold cars which were more expensive than Ford. However, GM financed the sale while Ford expected cash. A buyer who couldn’t afford cash could open an account, and deposit $5 or $10 a week until the car was paid for. Even in the early days, and definitely by the 1950’s, GM was making more money off the car loan than off the car sale. The money Ford took was for their financial arm.

I saw a Honda Civic ad that showed a cool 20-something hipster wearing jeans and an advocacy t-shirt. Then the car and shirt progressed through the ages. The advocacy positions on the t-shirt represented various cool liberal positions over time. So whatever thought I ever had of buying a Honda disappeared. I have never been, and never will be, that cool. Too bad I can’t buy a Ford made without the help of the UAW.

Advertisers in this country know more about what motivates people than most of the people themselves do. When a car company thinks it can sell more cars by running against a politician’s policies, that politician is toast.

The Democratic Party will be back, but it is going to have an entirely different composition by then.

Unless GM and Chrysler do something to improve the quality of their cars and cater to the consumers once again, I don’t know who will be left buying their cars. The liberals don’t buy them. I read an article a while back something about the last big 3 car dealer closing in Sa Francisco. They talk the talk about supporting unions, but they sure don’t vote with their dollars that way. The rest of us, we want quality products, and government intervention creates the opposite. I do like the looks of the new Chrysler T and C, but I just don’t trust the quality under the hood. How do I know the guys assembling the vehicle were not drinking on the job and messed something up. Or is the price marked up because it reflects the cost of the salary of the guy who should have been fired but instead gets paid anyways.