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I am against repeal of D.A.D.D.D.

I am against repeal of D.A.D.D.D.

Thanks to reader and commenter suhrmesa, who took this photo yesterday, and writes:

From Boise, ID… saw this and thought of you and Ithaca.  When in Ithaca, walk the parking lot at Wegman’s and enjoy those that are “screaming to be heard” via bumper stickers.

Still, my favorite bumper sticker seen in Ithaca:  “Ithaca, NY, 10 square miles surrounded by reality”.  Still makes me smile.

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Saw this over at The Other McCain:

Hitler Discovers ATTACKWATCH is a Joke!

Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats……. How about Moms Against Daughters Dating Democrats: MADDD? That would be another great bumper sticker, IMHO. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday, Professor. Hope your weather is as beautiful there as it is here.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever in reply to DINORightMarie. | September 20, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Love the whole thing.. but when it comes to daughters, dads have the closest relationship.. as with mothers ate to sons..

    Also, I did not know that Democrats, had any DINO’s..

[…] From Prof. Jacobson. […]

Right-Wing Heart, Letf-Wing Heart

“Let’s dispense with righteous rhetoric and look at what really counts: behavior, starting at the level of heart in personal relationships. Consider two groups of people under age 30: those who say they are liberal or extremely liberal, and those who say they are conservative or extremely conservative. According to General Social Survey in 2004, liberal young Americans are significantly less likely than the young conservatives to express a willingness to sacrifice for their loved ones. For example, progressives under 30 are significantly less likely than young right-wingers to say they would prefer to suffer rather than let the one they love suffer, that they are not happy unless the loved one is happy, or that they would sacrifice their own wishes for the one they love. (The practical implication of this is that you might want your daughter to marry a Republican.)

LukeHandCool (who tells his mother-in-law how lucky she is that he married her daughter … every chance he gets).

P.S. Be careful with whom you share the information in the above linked article. Hell hath no fury like a liberal told that conservatives are more generous and kind than liberals.

Heaven forfend they marry one of them. Think about bringing a dim into the family. With dim grandchildren.

Establish each prospects’ politics from Day One.

Only 10 square miles surrounded by reality? How about 30 or even 76 square miles for Madtown?

myveryownpointofview | September 19, 2011 at 11:24 am

My eldest son, whom I’ve always had a close if occasionally rocky relationship with, dated a very liberal girl during the tail end of the last obama campaign season.

He was suddenly accusing me of everything from racism to some vague thing about my desire to tear apart the fabric of America. I’m a Libertarian.

He and my husband, who is a conservative Republican, got into a huge battle after my son became offended when he overheard a conversation between my husband and a fellow conservative that was not complimentary to obama. He still won’t speak to my husband.

He won’t speak to me either. He assigned to me all of the talking points that the libs have against “right wing extremists”. It would have been comical if it isn’t so sad.

He and that lib TEACHER, from a WEALTHY FAMILY, have parted ways long since. But still he can’t seem to figure out that I did not suddenly become racist just because a “black” man was elected. (Yes, he actually said that he knew I was never racist in my life, UNTIL obama ran for office!)

I miss the boy. I often wonder how he will keep the flame of righteous indignation alight once obama is out of office.