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Feds to clean up Valerie Jarrett’s mess

Feds to clean up Valerie Jarrett’s mess

John Ruberry has the details:

Valerie Jarrett, a close friend of the Barack and Michelle Obama is the former CEO of Habitat Company, which managed Grove Parc, a federally subsidized apartment complex on Chicago’s South Side that can be accurately described as a slum. Jarrett is now a senior adviser to the president.

On Wednesday with great fanfare the awarding of a $30.5 million federal grant to revitalize Grove Parc–by tearing
it down–was announced.

The irony is thick here. Jarrett’s Habitat runs Grove Parc into the ground, and now the federal government funding its demolition and the building of its replacement.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, Sen. Dick Durbin, and US
Rep. Bobby Rush attended the Grove Parc ceremony. Jarret was not there. In fact, no mention of her role in mismanaging the unhappy homes was mentioned by the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Tribune.

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Way back when, didn’t Jarrett get some kind of huge grant to clean that housing area up — and no one knows where the money went?

That’s my recollection, anyway.

The only reason the Obama administration is not bailing Tony Rezko out on his slums is because it would not look good sending a check, backed by taxpayer money, to the county jail. If you will remember, Rezko has yet to be sentenced, or at least he had yet to be sentenced during the Blago trial.

This is crony politics at its worst. But that is not important to those who will vote for Obama again because they are still hoping he will give them some of his “stash”.

If you voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist, you have to vote against Obama now to prove you’re not an idiot.

The problem with the Internet is that people do a lot of talking, but no “listening” (or reading) to what other people say. Anyway, here is something that was published in June of 2008 by Boston Globe. The media was so in the tank for Obama that they didn’t pick up on it, and it seemed like conservative bloggers didn’t want to be bothered with it, either. Something like this should have blown up during the election, not just fallen by the wayside. I must warn you, it is a lengthy article (there is a lot of detail), so it may be a challenge for people who don’t like to read in depth:
Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy

And then, there is ACORN – their whole business model rode on HUD money & Community Reinvestment Act monies extorted from banks, for things like homebuyer counseling, foreclosure prevention, “community organizing”, etc. Of course, their various functions also included voter registration. But, bottom line, ACORN wouldn’t have been able to keep the lights on if HUD & CRA hadn’t provided their base funding. Just like the unions provide the “grease” to lubricate the Democratic machine, don’t think that HUD funds don’t eventually work their way in too.

The Feds aren’t picking up the tab–you and I are being forced to.

How ironic, as I reread the article (I have several times over the past few years), the article, which is dated 6/2008, concludes with this:

“As a result, some people in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods are torn between a natural inclination to support Obama and a concern about his relationships with the developers they hold responsible for Chicago’s affordable housing failures. Some housing advocates worry that Obama has not learned from those failures.

“I’m not against Barack Obama,” said Willie J.R. Fleming, an organizer with the Coalition to Protect Public Housing and a former public housing resident. “What I am against is some of the people around him.”

Jamie Kalven, a longtime Chicago housing activist, put it this way: “I hope there is not much predictive value in his history and in his involvement with that community.”

Key points from the above:

Some ….. worry that Obama has not learned from …. failures.

…. not against Barack Obama, ….. am against … some of the people around him.

I hope there is not much predictive value in his history.

Golly Gee, isn’t that the kind of stuff we keep hearing over and over for the past 3 years?

They’re creating jobs! What a slap in the face of the taxpayors of our Country!
Will Chi-town end up as a SHRINE to ANOINTED ONE?

In a perfectly planned and organized world, planners and community activists would be liable for malpractice.

LukeHandCool (who has a master’s degree in landscape architecture from a program emphasizing regional planning … and who couldn’t believe the degree of animosity his professors and classmates felt towards capitalism and free markets … he could barely stomach the artsy-fartsy attitudes of the design and planning illuminati … but not the pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking infused into so many “plans”).

I meant community “organizers.”

Of course, the other point is, why is the Federal government involved in local housing projects in the first place? Of course, the horse I’m beating has been dead for a long time.

There is no such thing as the government is picking up the tab. We are the government. We are picking up the tab…period. The raping and plundering of the national treasury is amoral. The confedarcy is alive and well, only the federal government and Obama are the owners and the rest of us are the serfs, turning over our earnings and hoping to be taken care of in return.

Entitlement society is nothing more than the plantation system with new owners, new overseers, and new multicultural serf/slaves.

This particular case regarding Jarrett is nauseating. This is the woman who was so excited to get Van Jones in the WH. This is Obama’s right hand. This is redistribution of wealth and reparations. This is a complete lack of accountability for her prior acts and a political payoff. This is progressive America.

Live free or die.

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Nothing new here; it’s the Chicago way…