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Farewell to the BlogProf

Farewell to the BlogProf

Another excellent conservative blog is lost.

I’ve read and linked to the Blog Prof pretty much since I started Legal Insurrection.  In fact, we started our blogs around the same time, and we even picked a similar Blogger template and color scheme (for those of you who remember the old LI).

We also had a certain camaraderie in being conservatives in higher education; he an engineering prof. at Oakland University in Michigan.

Now the Blog Prof is closing up shop (h/t to reader Wendy):

I hesitated in writing this, but I have two choices at this point: 1) open political activism including this blog, 2) my career. I don’t want to get into too many details here, but I was given this choice….

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting and
encouraging me to continue. Thank you all for your messages of support of my efforts, which will now be at the grass roots level only. I want to make it clear that in no way am I burned out (almost 3 years now I have kept a consistent pace). In fact, I am more energized than ever. I also do not blame my employer. They are doing what they see is in the best interest of the institution.

Farewell.  Or maybe, until we meet again.


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That’s why I blog pseudonymously.

What a shame.

Hence my use of an alias. My employer does not toelrate conservatives lightly. It’s a shame BlogProf had to make that choice.

Ditto to all the previous comments. Hate to say it, but does anyone think a LIBERAL blogger would get the same treatment?

So much for freedom of speech. Another victory for political correctness.

He will be missed but not forgotten.

How sad.

Please please tell us this won’t happen to legal insurrection.

Perhaps he should have thought about changing jobs. I understand why he is doing what he is doing, but would anyone want to really teach at a university whose policies are oppressive and a violation of our First Amendment? The university hired him, and Professor Jacobson, to teach, not push a political agenda. I am sure there are a number of conservative universities (I know, an oxymoron, right?) that would have welcomed him with open arms.

If we allow the left to intimidate us into giving up our values, they win.

Are any liberal blogs allowed to continue by this employer? If so, th8s is a good discrimination case. It is really none of their business what an employee does on his own time and the employer has infringed on this professor’s civil rights by blackmailing him into shutting down his blog. The left is getting more and more blatant every day, ie another post re forcing a group to get a permit for bible studies. Time to shut them down permanently. I think they know the dims will be ousted next year and they are getting in as many licks in as possible.

KM from Detroit | September 29, 2011 at 4:11 pm

This is sad news, as OU is my alma mater.

However, I was a music student for undergrad, not an engineering student.

This may come as a shock to many, but in spite of OU being a state university, it was far lighter on the stereotypical brainwashing you would expect. That may have to do in part with OU being primarily a commuter school.

Parking was always a nightmare.

Anyway, you had plenty of your usual activist student groups, but I, at least, was spared any sort of classroom haranguing (in a performing arts major, no less). Hell, I remember one history professor there who was a Global Warming Denier(TM)!

The liberals win again.

The scariest part of this? Engineering is considered one of the less politically correct departments (at least that’s what Conservatives tell each other).

And people wonder why so many Conservatives tend to keep a low profile.

I will believe it is for the good of the institution when Princeton takes notice of Krugman’s extracurricular work.

Very unfortunate. He was one of the first “2nd tier” blogs that I found and read regularly.

Local guy. On top of the usual, he did some great work on the exposing the AGW lies–very comprehensive.

He was also the watchdog of our local liberal rag, The Detroit Free Press (

Exposing their lies, like the one yesterday-

Article about the Ford ad: First sentence; the guy in the ad was a paid actor, not a customer.

Our man Blogprof would have been all over it.


I can so sympathize. Is a blog post really worth losing one’s career or possibly much, much more? I guess if my blog were more popular, eventually someone could find out who I am and I would lose my career (along with everything else), so should I be glad that my blog is not in the top tier?

    Vascaino in reply to John Scotus. | September 30, 2011 at 9:09 am

    So what you are basically living under is a tyranny of sorts where you are afraid to voice your thoughts.
    So much for the Constitution, Liberty and free speech.

I’m saddened and horrified.

It is a sad day in the RightBlogosphere. Look at what the progs have been doing to Donald Douglas at American Power, he also works in academia and some unhinged leftist has been trying to get him fired and even used horrible false allegations to try to get him into trouble with the law. Thankfully, Donald is standing strong, but I can understand how that sort of thing could wear a person down, which is of course why the progs do it.
Professor, you are not anonymous, have they tried to do this to you too? I imagine it would be difficult for them to push around a guy who is a legal expert. Please don’t ever go away. We all need you so much.
I wish all the best to theblogprof, he will be missed.