I gave a talk last night at the Cornell Club of New York City in Manhattan.  The topic was the Tea Party Movement, and the thesis was:

Professor Jacobson will argue that the Tea Party movement has been among the most influential and most positive forces in American politics in a generation.

It was a hot topic and there was some hot discussion and argument afterwards. The crowd was about evenly split.

As part of the talk, I explored the many and varied smears of the Tea Party including false charges of racism, extremism and violence, topics explored here hundreds of times.

I showed two videos as part of the presentation.   One was the often-featured Rick Santelli rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in February 2009, which often is credited with sparking the Tea Party Movement. It’s as if nothing has changed:

The second video was a classic anti-Tea Party rant by Janeane Garofolo. It’s as if nothing has changed:

A good time was had by all, I think. I know I did.

And I may have picked up a few new readers.


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