On August 9 the key recall elections against six Republican State Senators will take place.

I have not focused enough on this lately, with the all consuming debt ceiling fight taking time.  But Wisconsin is critically important.

Before I forget, you can donate to help defend the recalls at Frontline Wisconsin.

Here are some links as to what is going on (to be added to, any suggestions please post in the comments):

  • The challenger to Republican Alberta Darling has been caught in a growing scandal involving payoffs in the form of food to absentee voters.
  • National unions have poured $9.7 million into the recall effort including through We Are Wisconsin, the group led by Harry Reid’s former campaign strategist.
  • Two major Tea Party groups are joining together for a bus tour of the state in support of the Republicans.
  • A variety of groups have stepped up to help Republicans, including a Citizens United affliate.
  • Dems are messaging that their internal polls show them leading in three of the six races — take with large grain of salt.
  • Let the conspiracy theories begin:  Americans for Prosperity mailed absentee voting applications which had the wrong due date.  AFP calls it a printing error, Democrats call it voter suppression.
  • The recalls are taking place in the context of good news for Wisconin on job creation and school budgets related to the collective bargaining law which gave rise to the recall effort.
  • Club for Growth has spent $3-4 million on the recalls, and total spending by all groups on both sides is expected in the $20-25 million range..

Anyone with on the ground intel, or links to assessments of how the races look, please post in comments.