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What’s the chance?

What’s the chance?

That two different readers would photograph and send me photos of the same vehicle over seven months apart?  Different angles and lighting conditions.

Take a look at the vehicle in this post from January 3, 2011, sent by reader Kathryn, and this photo sent to me yesterday by reader Alex, who writes:

Love your website.  Bumper stickers are from a parking lot in Toledo Ohio.  BTW Toledo is leaning Kasich which should bode well for next year.  I believe Northwest Ohio will be a battle ground and deciding factor for SB 5 in November, it will be very contentious here.  Boots on the ground if you  have any interest.


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Your loyal readers form an Army of Davids, alertly capturing bumper expressions of both conservatives and leftists.

Ha! We rock! AND you should see the tremendous grass roots organizations we have in Ohio, Northwest Ohio in particular. You won’t believe what’s going on in Ohio!! (Besides the AP Parts owner getting shot at.)