Contrary to rebel claims, Saif al-Islam, son and heir apparent of Moammar al-Qaddafi, has not been captured and is free and talking to reporters in Tripoli.

Video was shown on Fox News and CNN of Saif al-Islam at a hotel in Tripoli.  Saif claimed that a “trap” had been set for the rebels in Tripoli.

Couple of points.  If the rebels lied about capturing the heir-apparent to succeed his father, what else have they lied about regarding their successes.

Also, the “trap” situation makes some sense.  Qaddafi’s supporting troops were getting hammered in the open outside the cities by NATO air strikes, and then they mysteriously disappeared allowing the rebels to enter Tripoli.  This is a possibility advanced yesterday at DebkaFILE:

Where are the six government special divisions whose loyalty to the Libyan ruler and his sons was never in question? None of the 15,000 trained government troops were to be seen in the way of the rebel advance into the capital. The mystery might be accounted for by several scenarios:  Either these units broke up and scattered or Qaddafi pulled them back into southern Libya to secure the main oil fields. Or, perhaps, government units are staying out of sight and biding their time in order to turn the tables on the triumphant rebels and trap them in a siege. The Libyan army has used this stratagem before.

Did Qaddafi’s forces disperse, or merely choose to fight in city terrain where air power is limited?

I don’t know the answer, but clearly what is going on in Libya is not what is seems.

Update:  This is the best video I could find so far:


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