The breadth and depth of the Obama’s administrations screwed up priorities is straggering.

It’s not bad enough that they are on the wrong side of big government history domestically, we have witnessed a wholesale abdication of power abroad in a myriad of ways.

This story at Commentary, about increased intimidation of U.S. diplomats in Russia and the lack of U.S. response, speaks volumes about the level to which we have dropped:

One U.S. official from the Moscow-based National Democratic Institute allegedly had a photo of him doctored to make it look like he was laying down next to an underage girl. The photo appeared in the Russian media, along with accusations from a Russian woman that the official had raped her 9-year-old daughter.

And yet, according to intelligence officials, the Obama administration has not seemed to take these incidents seriously.

“We are concerned about the acts of intimidation as well as their record on previous agreements and other activities,” former Sen. Kit Bond, who served on the Senate Intelligence Committee until 2010, told the Times. “It’s a real concern, I’ve raised it. It’s not the intelligence committee that fails to understand the problem. It’s the Obama administration.”

I don’t have to wait for the response:  “He got bin Laden!”

One good decision does not make up for the collapse of the U.S. on the international stage.