Yes, you are celebrating.  But the Wisconsin Senate recall elections are not over.

Republicans have a chance to deliver a political coup de grâce to the national union and Democratic intimidation tactics next Tuesday when there are two elections seeking to recall Democratic State Senators Robert Wirch and James Holperin.  These two were among the fleebaggers who ran away to Illinois..

The Recall Wirch campaign has been a focus here for months.  The Republican challenger is Jonathan Steitz.

The challenger to Holperin is Kim Simac.

Republicans need to turn out in force, and with a demoralized Democratic base, anything is possible.

Update:  Next week’s recall elections may be even more important than I thought, since one group is claiming that a “RINO” state senator (Dale Schultz, who voted against the collective bargaining bill) is a risk to switch parties, which would flip the Senate unless Republicans take back one more seat.  The Wisconsin State Journal referred to Schultz as one of the “ultimate winners” of last night’s vote because it puts him in the driver’s seat.


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