Yes, the economy is the dominant political issue right now, particularly the unemployment and real unemployment numbers.

Naturally, the economy has been the focus of various Republican primary campaigns, while issues like Obamacare and the direction of the country have become secondary.

It may now be the economy, but it would be stupid to focus the campaign against Obama solely on the numbers.

Were unemployment at 8%, would we be any less against Obama’s vision for the country as a top-down command economy in which relatively small groups of people in Washington, D.C., assert ever increasing control over the economy?  Were unemployment at 7.5%, would we be any less against the federal government mandate ordering us to purchase insurance policies, and who knows what next?  Were unemployment at 7%, would we be any less against a foreign policy based on apology and bullying friends while coddling foes?  If unemployment were at 6.5%, would we be any less against the class warfare and demonization of success which have come to be the Obama campaign’s theme songs?  If unemployment were at 6.0%, would we be any less against the reinvigoration of the welfare state and the ever increasing assumption of massive debt which will stifle the futures of our children and grandchildren?

The answers obviously are no, we oppose Obama not just because of the numbers, but because of incompatible visions of our future.

It is, therefore, a trap to focus just on the numbers.

We don’t know what the numbers will be a year from now, but we do know what Obama’s vision of the country will be.  That hasn’t changed and never will.  These competing visions need to be the center of the debate.