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T-Paw Turns The Other Cheek To Bachmann

T-Paw Turns The Other Cheek To Bachmann

In dropping out when he did, Tim Pawlenty may have done his apparent foe Michele Bachmann a big favor.   From their past scuffles in Minnesota politics to their fiery confrontation at last week’s debate to the fact that her defeating him in Iowa ultimately ended his campaign, it’s no secret that Pawlenty and Bachmann are far from friendly.

However, dropping out when he did may shield Bachmann’s first-tier status from the threat of Rick Perry.  I haven’t been able to find detailed polling data about each candidate’s supporters, but the conventional wisdom is that all three are/were competing for the religious vote as a significant part of their coalitions, and Perry’s strong entrance is bound to take a considerable share of that demographic.  There was even perhaps a chance that Perry would manage to push Bachmann below the critical mass of support required for first-tier status.

However, with Pawlenty releasing his disproportionately-Midwestern and religious voters back onto the market, Bachmann has more breathing room just as Perry suddenly goes from nowhere to being a first-tier candidate.  A more vengeful candidate might have waited a couple more weeks to see how Bachmann weathered Perry’s entrance.


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During the debate, I thought that Pawlenty took the questioner’s bait and attacked Bachmann first, saying that fighting and failing (as he characterized her service in Congress) wasn’t enough. I suppose it’s laudable that now he has the decency to turn the other cheek, but I thought that during the debate he took the first swing.

I think Pawlenty could have made himself look more presidential than Bachmann by showing appreciation for her fighting the good fight in Congress, while touting his own executive experience in that same fight. (not everyone in the fight has the training and experience to be the general – we need someone who not only has the right principles at heart, but who has the tactical sense to plan and execute strategy). Instead, he chose to try to make himself look bigger by making her look smaller, and instead made himself look petty and un-presidential. He damaged Bachmann, I thought, while fatally wounding his own campaign.

I think Pawlenty’s withdrawal helps Perry. Bachmann will be no match for Perry. It will come down to Perry and Romney. Bachmann is history.

I’m not a fan of Bachmann, she would be a disaster as the nominee, there are way too many unknowns about her, I saw pictures of her where she’s hiding from a gay/lesbian protest when she was a state MN rep. She’s untested, way too much baggage.

I’m not a repub or a dem, but I will 100% be voting against Obama, but I know many people who are independents who will just stay home rather than vote for Bachmann.

I personally plan on voting for Rick Perry, but Romney is the nominee, that’s fine as well. Perry I like much more because he seems to have a fight in him and won’t be afraid to hit back hard and often.

I don’t see Bachmann lasting when the actual voting starts, she is much more qualified to be prez than the man/child that’s there now, but there are so many weird things she’s said from the past, that more time will have to be spent explaining those comments rather than attacking Obama.

So, my vote goes to Rick Perry, and if Romney wins instead, ok, fine I’ll vote for him in the general.. ABO — Anybody But Obama.
But Rick Perry I believe will fight harder.

And taking a note from that Renowned “LI” Blog..

…How about “The Broke Tour”?

one could even have a bumper-sticker to go with it!

Bachmann contines to harm herself. Yesterday, Santorum, Perry and Bachmann were all scheduled to speak to the crowds in Bachmann’s home town. Santorum was first, followed by Perry and then Bachmann.

Perry had the crowd on their feet, after spending all afternoon shaking hands, stopping at tables and talking to anyone who wanted to talk to him.

Bachmann, on the other hand, spent most of her time there in her bus, only coming out shortly before her speech. When she took to the stage, she was late because her campaign managed demanded the lighting be changed for her. As she gave her speech, Rick Perry sat in the audience, applauding her at times.

Carl Cameron reports that quite of few Iowans seemed to a) forgive Rick Perry for not participating in the straw poll and announcing in South Carolina and b) resented that Bachmann didn’t mingle like Perry and hid out in her bus.

Also, when Bachmann was asked about Perry, she went into her standard “I am 55 years old and my experience, yada, yada, yada.” When Perry was asked by Carl Cameron about Bachmann, Perry said he had never met Bachmann but was looking forward to meeting her as she seems to be really nice person.

Bachmann better cowboy up; she is about to get swept out to sea by a Texas tornado.

I’ve been liking Bachmann more and more, but for me the overriding concern is getting rid of Obama and the Democratic Senate. Dare I say it: after the misogynistic beating that Palin took in the last election (and Clinton as well), I’m just not sure the Republican party can risk a woman candidate. If I had to vote right now in a primary on the current field, it would be for Perry.