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Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing …

Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing …

… the owner of this vehicle.

Saw this in the parking lot of a local supermarket in Rhode Island:


Update: One LI reader took the post title as an insult, believing that I was referring to Texans and the car owner as idiots (which is how the sentence ends in the moronic anti-Bush bumper sticker).  While I did make a play on the anti-Bush bumper sticker, by leaving out the word “idiot” I think it should have been clear that I was mocking not endorsing that meme.  In the end of her post, the reader recognizes the joke, so all is good, with all of us, right?


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Ohhhh, I Need that sticker!

Just shared it with a bunch of Texas friends.

Thanks, Prof
……….Dare I say “We’re all Texans now”?

You did make it clear when you added these words to your heading: “… the owner of this vehicle.”

Your use of words to get our attention is what drew me to this site in the first place. 🙂