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Rick Perry Vetting and Palinizing

Rick Perry Vetting and Palinizing

It’s coming too fast and furious, and in some cases is too bizarre, to summarize here.  And some of the charges are not worth repeating.

While I’m sure his supporters are frustrated, they shouldn’t be.

Better to get it all out there and deal with it now.  He’ll either survive it (which I think he will) or if he doesn’t, better to find out sooner rather than later.


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old news that Perry has already dealt with over the last 10 years … at worst he won’t be seen as conservative as some on the far right would like … so be it … he’s catnip to independents …

Perry: I love my country more than I care about Obama’s feelings

Yea, I think he’ll survive it, too.

Captain Obvious | August 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm

There’s an even better reason to “get it out there”… is he more likely to fix his shortcomings if we complain about them, or if we just shut up?

So there’s no truth to Barack Obama having his half-brother tortured in a Syrian prison ?

DINORightMarie | August 18, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Perry is getting attacked by the left because he can easily beat Obama. He is getting vetted by the right because Perry needs to have his background examined to allow individuals to decide if he is truly a Conservative.

At this point, the Republicans and right should be questioning the potential candidates. That is what a primary is all about.

This is NOT the same as attacking a person, trying to destroy “one of us” or Rule 13 Alinsky-izing (or as you say, Palinizing) contenders.

This is what needs to be done – so there are no surprises should one emerge as the clear front-runner.

On Megyn Kelly’s show today, Sarah Palin described what is necessary for the 2012 candidate: “….someone with executive experience, someone who has gone through the fire, someone who, ah, the American public knows their background, they know their associations, know what has shaped them, and they know where that person is coming from, in order to apply policies that are going to affect our daily lives…..” – i.e. with NO hidden elements. Period. Otherwise, given even a microscopic opening, the media will go nuclear to destroy the target: the chosen Republican presidential nominee.

As you wisely say, “Better to get it all out there and deal with it now.”

Hear, hear!

    If anyon thinks that Rick Perry has not been vetted in a state where politics are a bare knuckled, full body contact blood sport, they don’t know much about Texas politics.
    Hell, it was reported that Tony Sanchez even had people digging in Rick Perry’s parents trash. And Sanchez outspent Perry 3-1, but still lost.

    Do you think that Obama’s henchmen were not doing opposition research on Perry months ago on the mere rumor that Perry might get in the race? Believe me, they were, on Perry and every other candidate, including Palin.

Cowboy Curtis | August 18, 2011 at 5:19 pm

The complete freak-out the left is having over his entry to the race just makes me a little more confident that this might be our guy. Dude’s been in less than a week and they’re already in full meltdown/jihad mode, sending hecklers to his events. He’s certainly handled it masterfully so far (see the video of the moonbat mom making her kid ask him about evolution and his response).

They act like this when they’re scared. Its good when they’re scared.

One of the key aspects of selecting a candidate to run against Obama is how they respond to intense, negative media and leftist ambush tactics. Perry seems to have Palin’s ability to convert this vileness to an advantage. This will be an important consideration to make for primary voters.

2nd Ammendment Mother | August 18, 2011 at 6:00 pm

IMHO, the biggest mistake that the Dems and the MSM are making are confusing criticizing Perry with criticizing Texas. It’s a big mistake.

Probably the best take away out there right now is on the diaries at Red State:

And this item from PJ Tattler pretty much nails things down:

Governor Perry has already SURVIVED being palinized in his last gubernatorial election. He did shoot the coyote in defending his dog but that’s the only true story I’ve heard from the journolista.
Just read about Arne Duncan feeling sorry for Texas school children, ha! Arne Duncan should be exposed for his absolute failure at his previous job heading up the Chicago Public School system.
When President Perry abolishes the monstrosity of the Department of Education and gives it back to the individual states(10th amendment big time) where will Harvardman Arne Duncan go? Back to his failure CPS job?

I think the attacks from the left are, as you put it, an attempt at Palinizing Perry. Much of it is a Kabuki dance. I think the attacks from the right – Tancredo, Huckabee, Geller, Malkin, WSJ, Dan Riehl – are more serious and possibly more damaging.

a little off-topic but
you may want to check out this article

why does the left consistently blame the wealthy and the rich when it was democrats (like (d) jerry brown)
that got laws passed to implement a 30% sales tax on consumers: this law mostly forces the poor and the middle class to pay more for products. and that money is what they take to try and finance failing socialized welfare programs
that don’t even benefit most people in society at least not most of the more productive ones.

do the also not realize the consquences towards the economy. if was shutdown or went out of business. that that is more workers in unemployment…
and the economy would decline

let alone forcing the middle or poor class to pay more?

so much for demonizing the rich, eh?

I prefer Perry to Romney, Perry seems more willing and able to fight back and hard.

I’m an independent, so far what I’ve seen and read of Perry I like, so I would definitely be voting for him.

The man’s been governor for 10+ years, there’s nothing that can be exposed that will make me not vote for him.

And he talks and acts more presidential than the current America-apologozing clown that’s there now.
I look forward to seeing what pebbles the Obot-MSM will be throwing at Perry, and look forward to hearing Perry’s responses.

Yep. As Cowboy Curtis said, I sense their fear of Perry, just like I sensed their fear of Palin after she gave her great convention speech. The left is very afraid of GOP candidates bonding with the electorate before the MSM can do a job on them.

The lefties at work are already talking (ostensibly to each other, but it’s obvious by their volume that they’re trying to influence coworkers who don’t follow politics closely) about “… the crazy extremist Republicans running for president, like Bachmann and Perry …”

LukeHandCool (who quietly works on coworkers who are open to being convinced/influenced, with facts, charm, and humor … and the occasional treats from the bakery).

The only thing I don’t understand is why Karl Rove seems to hates Perry so much. Frankly, the fact that Rove doesn’t seem to like Perry is a HUGE plus in my book when it comes to Perry.

I cannot stand Rove, and the only person I can’t stand even more is AxelRod.

Rove really needs to get a grip, and shut the heck up about Perry.

    Cowboy Curtis in reply to alex. | August 18, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    It apparently dates back to when Perry ran for Lt. Gov. Rove and W wanted a much gentler campaign (they felt it might hurt W), but Perry, being in a tight race, didn’t play ball. The grudge has allegedly only grown since then.
    Now Rove, it is alleged, is king of the Texas and national republican money-men, and feels that Perry as the nominee will put a decisive end to his reign (not a bad thing in my book-I always thought he was overrated as a strategist, though his micro-get out the vote ideas were brilliant).

    While I’m usually inclined to take such stories with a two pound grain of salt, but- Rove and the Bushes did try to unseat Perry via Hutchison last time around (which is kinda unheard of), and he’s been clearly unenthusiastic about him on tv and media for the last week or so. In light of all that, I’m inclined to think the rumors are true and this is simply Rove fighting for survival. Given what experience friends and I have had with Washington politicos, I think such political backbiting is damn near the norm (look at how some of McCain’s own people went after Palin with a vengeance).

    Another mark in Perry’s favor so far as this cowboy is concerned.

    heh, heh, heh, The Rovian Strategy at work, convincing the independents and moderates that Perry is NOT a clone of W. In other words, it takes one of the primary potential weaknesses of Perry out of the running for the left to use saying you already had Bush 1 and Bush 2, now why would you want Bush 3… Perry is his own man making his own choices and any resemblance to Bush is strictly coincidental.

    Trust me on this, at the end of the day IF Perry is the GOP candidate for POTUS, Karl Rove will be fully engaged in employing his strategies against Obama and the Dems. All is as it should be.

    workingclass artist in reply to alex. | August 19, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Rove hates Perry cause Perry won’t be his tool. Rove will lose money and influence in a Perry administration & he knows it. Perry is like Reagan that way and he started as a bluedog budget pitbull in Texas which is why Phil Graham coaxed him over…The rest of Texas soon followed. Perry can lead a sweep…He did it down here. Our Lt. Gov. Dewhurst is running for the Senate.

I’ll be the first to admit I was not happy over the Gardisil thing when it happened. Unhappy enough to go all RINO in the primary and vote for KBH in his last gubernatorial election.

THAT BEING SAID… Given the current field, I’ll be voting for him in a heartbeat. If Palin runs…. I’ll still vote for Perry, because as much as I like her, I don’t think she can beat Obama.

As for Karl Rove. Meh. He’s last years news. He’s most loyal to Karl Rove, not Bush. Let him blather on. It won’t hurt Perry with people who are going to vote for him anyway, and may help him with certain parts of the base.

I lived in Texas for 5 years while Perry was Governor. I really don’t know all that much about him, which is how it should be. Things were going along just fine and what was going on in Austin was not all that important. W

As a small government conservative I think it would be a wonderful world if, after a president has been in office for 3 years, most people have forgotten his name.

Reminds me of a story about a 10 year old boy that had never spoken a word. One evening at dinner he took a bite of the pot roast and hollered, “Mom, that taste like shit!” The family was shocked that for the first time in 10 years he actually could talk. When they asked him why he had never spoken before the replied that up until now everything had been OK.

    workingclass artist in reply to Anchovy. | August 19, 2011 at 9:12 am

    That’s how we like it in Texas. Perry does his job and mostly Austin stays out of people’s hair.
    KBH = Stewardess

Yes, this is hardball that conservative candidates need to deal with.

And there’s not only various and sundry charges, but the clear prospect that his official e-mails will be asked for, leaked or hacked. Palin has run all the gauntlets. Those behind her need to be prepared.

Every leading GOP Presidential Candidate will be “Palinized” as will most Republican congressional candidates. At best the Democrats will wait for Republicans to compete with each other for compromises and concessions. Perry and Palin as well as a few other candidates have a proven ability to take it and dish it out. Which is good.

“Here your mom was asking about evolution, and you know it’s a theory that’s out there, and it’s got some gas in it. In Texas we teach both creationsim and evolution in our public schools,” Perry said. “Because I figure you’re smart enough to figure out which one is right.”

LOVE THAT ANSWER – I’m liking a lot of Perry’s answers.

Palin/Perry or Perry/Palin and I’m happy. I don’t think she should run as a number 2, though.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Rose. | August 19, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Never never never in the western world would a potential leader be asked that question .

    WE like Americans’ idiosyncrasies but creationism is absurd.

    DINORightMarie in reply to Rose. | August 19, 2011 at 6:32 am

    I thought, listening to that video, Perry said, “….its got some gaps in it…..”

    Either way, it is an excellent answer, and his complete ignoring of the Mom was perfect.

    I also agree about Palin taking 2nd seat again. She nearly was destroyed once by not being the 1st person up on the ticket. She won’t do it again. Also, she has proven her ability to take hits, and has had the complete double colonoscopy on her personal life, political past, and her overall record and passed with flying colors.

    All they can do now is “make things up” – unless her team makes a slip.

    Palin/Perry is solid. Both have exec experience and bring their own power and knowledge to the ticket. But – would Perry take second fiddle to Palin? That’s tough to say.

    Personally, I still hold onto my dream ticket of Palin/West. 😀

Agreed. And besides, it will be good for the MSM to have soneone (or a group) to vet again, after all, they haven’t had to do it since the last time George Bush nominated someone for something.

Hours and hours of heated rhetoric from scared Libs….warms the heart of this conservative political junkie 🙂

eureferendum has an interesting article on the massive cost of windmills and infrastructure, compared to the miniscuand the miniscule and spotty output.

Windpower in Texas is the example.

    retire05 in reply to davod. | August 19, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Don’t think all Texans are stupid about wind generated power. LCRA (the Lower Colorado River Authority) which services a large portion of the state, built a hugh wind farm. Then immediately sold it to Florida Light and Power, for a sizable profit. So LCRA built it, sold it to FL&P and now Texas charges FL&P to use its power grid and transfer that power to Florida.

    Win, win for Texas and Texans.

      TXLewis in reply to retire05. | August 19, 2011 at 10:55 am

      Texas does not “charge” for using the electric grid.
      Currently, there is about 10,000 MWs of wind farms.
      On it’s best day, if they paid up for the DC-Tie to get the power OUT or IN to TX, you could only move around 650 or so MWs out.
      No way is anyone moving much power from TX to FL. The market is higher in TX, and the cost to move power to FL is not that cheap.
      Although lots of folks like to mention that TX is a large CO2 polluter (liars, CO2 is not a pollutant), they never seem to mention that we are also the greenest state in the union.

      Now, that said, all wind has done has cost folks money.
      About $32 a MWh subsidy comes from the .gov If you look at the price of power where the wind farms are, in the shoulder months, you’ll see power being sold for NEGATIVE $30. This costs the actual generation units that do not have free fuel, to lose money.

      In addition, we have to keep more fossil fuel units in reserve, not making money, but costing everyone money, online for back up when, OMG the wind stops or slows down.

      Our peak output has been aroung 6700 MWs an hour. On top of the price they get paid for the energy, the .gov would subsidize that hour with about $200,000 to the wind farm owners.

      That’s one hour. BTW, many wind are owned by large energy companies. Also known as oil and gas companies.

      When the .gov is talking about the subsidies and tax breaks they get, a lot of it is this “green” payment.

      Waste of money and resources.

      BTW, TX is in the process of spending $5 Billion dollars to build enough transmission to get this variable, unreliable, capital wasting resource, to the load.

      Thanks lefties.

      To the point of this article, Perry has been great as a .gov, if you believe that getting the hell out of the way is a good thing. I do, especially for TX, but I think what we need now is someone who will gut the insane regulations that strangle business start ups around the country.

      If Perry can do this in DC, he’s the man.
      Not sure if he can though.


This election will be solely about jobs. The Obama campaign is powerless against Perry’s argument because the only line of attack is to say that the only jobs created in Texas were low wage jobs. In making that argument, they concede that Perry created jobs. But, also that the jobs Obama created were also only low wage. He basically negates his own line of attack.

So, they will try to make it about Perry himself. But, the public will see right through it.

Perry wins in a 35-40 state landslide.

I agree Professor, but the last time you had a thread on Perry I brought up those possible negative things and got lots of flack for it. At least you recognize the importance of preparing the candidate with the easy stuff because it ain’t going to get any easier when the nomination process is complete. The libs are desperate, they know most of their agenda is on the chopping block if the GOP sweeps the Senate and POTUS.

What the professor is talking about, and is too polite and too much of a gentleman to mention, is a hit piece that came out today by a Ron Paul supporter that is beyond the pale. I will not give that Austin slug the attention he is seeking by linking to the article, but I will say this: Americans are fed up with the politics of personal destruction. There is not one person I know, right or left, Republican or Democrat, that doesn’t think the media went over the top with Sarah Palin.

So, imagine some of the worst things said about Palin, dishonest, but designed to destroy her personally, and that is what was said about Rick Perry today. Will he survive the fallacious smear? I think so. But it was pretty bad and had not an ounce of truth to it.

Now, on to one of my least favorite people; Karl Rove. Rove gained not just state notarity, but national notarity by hooking his star to the Bushes. Now he has set himself up as a political expert on all things political. But his words for Perry have been anything but kind lately. No change really, Perry and Rove have never gelled. They are like oil and water. And it was released yesterday that Jeb Bush is heading up the “draft Ryan” movement. This allows George to not get his hands dirty.

This will backfire; on the left. As they try to nail Perry to the Bush cross, by comparing them and yapping about what good buddies they are, it will all fall apart if Jeb is really backing another candidate.

I read an article a few months ago that the Obama campaign’s opposition research had already started working on Perry. They were trying to find out anything, and everything they could use against him, just in case Perry entered the race. Why? Because Perry is the man who, everytime Obama opens his mouth about Perry, is going to say “Right back atcha, Barack.” Just like saying to that kid “Hear your mom’s asking about evolution” and when asked about Romney, Perry blew a kiss and said “Tell him I send my love.” Like sitting in the audience when Michelle Bachmann was giving her Waterloo, Iowa speech and applauding her. The fact that Bachmann did not even acknowledge Perry, knowing he was in the audience, shows that he unnerved her by doing that.

So ask yourself; with all the other candidates already in the race, why is the media, and the Obama campaign, seemingly going after only Perry?

PatriotGal2257 | August 19, 2011 at 12:57 am

I read the original Pesky Truth blog post “Seventeen Things Critics That Critics Are Saying About Rick Perry” and it clarified many things about him for me. I even asked the author about the Geller article and he wrote an eighteenth post addressing Perry and his dealings with the Aga Khan.

The author to me seems authoritative — he has made a full disclosure of his votes for Perry over the decades, and seems to have solid research to back up every one of his points. As with everything else in politics, the truth is many shades of grey rather than stark black and white.

So it’s very curious to me that so many pundits on the Right think this blog author is just “making excuses” for Perry. If these pundits (Geller, Malkin, Riehl, et. al.) have their own agenda about their own preferred candidate, then they should just come out with it. To me, their claims seem to be just so much sniping about Perry, when I do not see similar vetting from them about Romney (especially) or Bachmann.

From what I’ve observed about Perry in this past week, he seems to have Obama’s number. I’ve not seen anything equivalent with Romney, albeit his exchange with the hecklers in Iowa. I was surprised to hear that from him — I was unaware that he knew how to raise his voice.

“Texas is the sponge soaking up Obama’s unemployment mess.”

Just saw this L.I. post title … this should be the Perry campaign’s mantra when the Obama administration inevitably tries to use fudgey statistics to discredit Perry’s Texas jobs record.

Surely some people in the Perry campaign read Legal Insurrection and will run with the image this post title conjures up. Pretty Please !!!

The lefties will try to portray Governor Perry’s jobs growth history as Fool’s Gold … but … when the electorate takes off the jeweler’s loupe … they’ll have determined it’s not gold nor fool’s gold. They’ll declare it … Kryptonite.

LukeHandCool (who loses all superpowers and the ability to blink and close his mouth when he catches an aphrodisiacal whiff of suntan lotion wafting from a gaggle of pretty girls sunbathing on the beach … total wipeout, dude).

I have another slogan Perry can use. Vote Perry: No more Mom Jeans.

workingclass artist | August 19, 2011 at 9:25 am

Gov. Perry will go around and just talk to people. He’ll explain how we live in Texas and people will begin to remember what it’s like to live where government is mostly local and businesses engage in healthy competition. Every time Texas does another tort reform another industry flees to Texas to open up shop. Doctors have been coming here in droves to practice medicine. Folks will begin to ask themselves how come we don’t do that here. The blue states will hate him & he’s #1 Demon to Unions. Texas is a right to work state.
Common sense conservatism.

A major publication has just come out with an article about the vile ad that is going to be published in a little known newspaper in Texas (that has about six readers). The major publication’s excuse is: while we think this is vile, let us show it to you. (snark, snark).

That is like saying you disagree with porn, but are more than happy to show your collection of porn movies to your friends so they can see what you object to. How stupid do some of these major publications think people are?

Last night I read an article debunking the Texas Miracle myth. Except………..the author went on to say that Obama was doing a great job and the Stimulus needed to be much, much larger and we needed another one. Nah, no bias there.

This is not the first shot to be fired at Governor Perry, and it won’t be the last. He’s got Obama on the run. Sending Arne Duncan out to do a hit piece on Texas schools, while Duncan has an absolute dismal record as head of the Chicago school district, tells you a lot. I don’t think Texas teachers, even those who vote Democrat, will appreciate Duncan telling them they are doing a lousy job.

workingclass artist | August 19, 2011 at 10:54 am

Obama misses the point. Why are schools the federal governments business anyway.They have been desegregated and the rest is up to the locals. That’s how it’s done here & Austin pretty much stays out of it.

PresPalin2012 | August 20, 2011 at 3:14 am

Gov. Rick Perry, like John McCain, Speaker Boehner, and Mitt Romney, are all Republican RINO’s, pretending to be a Conservative.. and like McCain, Boehner, and Romney, Gov. Perry says one thing, and does another.. from illegal Immigrants, and giving them tuition assistance, and Border Security, to accepting the Fed’s money to balance his Budget with, instead of using Texas resources and revenue, and by cutting excessive govt. spending..

Here’s a great article to help give facts and truths, to the Perry Pro-Business Conservative illusion-

“How Rick Perry Created Jobs in Texas”

August 16, 2011
US News and World Report


“It sounds like an outsized Texas boast, but the numbers support Rick Perry when he claims that
Texas has created more than one-third of the jobs in the United States since the economic recovery began in 2009.

There’s an important caveat, however, that the Texas governor is unlikely to volunteer: Virtually
all of those new jobs are in the government sector, not in private enterprise.”


This is a great article, and it completely breaks down Gov. Perry’s numbers and myth and illusions about his great economic job creating leadership.. but in fact, he is the same as Obama, in growing big govt. jobs, just to make him look good, and he off sets the Budget income shortfall, that he had to balance his budget with, due to the lack of private free enterprise economy revenue, with Obama’s federal govt. money, which Obama gives him, and which he gladly accepts, in the form of Obamacare funds, and whatnot..

This is where the Tea Party Constitutional Conservatism meets and hits the road, and where the weak kneed spineless Republican Party establishment elitists, comes in.. in other words, do the Constitutional Conservative Values and Principles comes in to play, when the rubber hits the road, during the governing process..

This is the essence of Republican Party Elitism.. and that something about Perry doesn’t smell right, as if you look closer, you’ll see another John McCain, John Boehner..and so on, who will betray the American people, by colluding and siding with the liberal obamacrats.. and it will happen time and time and time again.. remember one thing.. power corrupts, especially within the political party apparatus.. and is why American Tea Party Patriots, do not like, nor trust Gov., Perry, any more or better, than they do Gov. Romney. or Speaker Boehner, or Sen. McCain..

Thus, the American people are starving for a real leader.. One who can not only speak, project themselves well, and inspire the American People, but leads by example, and has waged this war against political corruption and cronyism, and destructive Anti-American policies, and has been successful, and proven themselves in this battle and has won, and restored responsible good governance, and has solved the fiscal and financial deficits, and the Economic woes, brought on by their predecessor..

Gov. Palin, is the only one who has walked the walk.. and time and again, has proven her herself, as evidenced by her record as Gov. of Alaska..

She had Vetoed and rejected the Fed’s money, coming to Alaska, and said that if the Alaskan people wanted something built, they would do it themselves with Alaskan money, not the Federal govt. money, that had been taken from the American Tax Payer in the first place.. but she was overridden by the Republican State Legislature, who had been addicted to it, by the former and late Alaskan US Sen. Ted Stevenson.

Gov. Palin had taken on the big Oil and Gas companies, like Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, etc., the most powerful oil companies in the world, to make sure the Alaskan people were not getting screwed over any longer, by taking back the Alaskan State Land leases, and all Rights reserved thereof, that which belonged to the State and People of Alaska, and then making sure safety standards were top shelf, and while still maintaining the importance of continued and increased production, and getting the major share of the Oil Revenues for all the Alaskan Citizens, as evident in the Annual State Oil Revenue Dividend check, aka, PDF, that every single Alaskan Resident in Alaska gets once a year.

And when she left office, which was to save the State the cost of Tens of Millions of Dollars in Legal fees, because of all the Hate Mongering Liberals, and their organizations, filing frivolous lawsuits against her, and the State of Alaska, just to destroy her, which they failed, when she left the Governor’s office, she had turned a State Deficit of nearly 12 Billion Dollars, into a State Surplus of 12 Billion Dollars, through her many programs, like ACES, the Taxation of the Big Oil Companies, to the highest premiums, for the lease of Alaskan State Property, for Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Drilling, on-shore and off. Consequently, she was able to lowered all State Property Taxes, for all Alaskan Home and Business Owners. As there is no State income Tax, this was, and still is, a massive profit and windfall for the State of Alaska, and the Alaskan People.

Gov. Palin, accomplished and achieved more for the State and People of Alaska, in 2 and a half years, than any 2 term Governor in America, period. That’s called proof of performance, and doing what the people needed and wanted done.. As in her actions, achievements and accomplishments, speak for her, and for themselves.!! It’s also called facts and truths.!!

It’s time to pick up political arms.. it’s time to fight and take back America, with the only person who not only can, but has the absolute Will and Determination and Resolve to do the job.. and a proven leader, with a proven record of accomplishment.!! Gov. Palin.!!

Election night news prediction-

“Breaking News from Election HQ’s for Nov. 6th, 2012, America has just Elected it’s first ever, Woman President in U.S. History, Conservative Republican President Elect, Sarah Palin, is now the Nation’s 45th President of the United State of America”.

    workingclass artist in reply to PresPalin2012. | August 21, 2011 at 9:48 am

    The only candidate in this race who has successfully beaten both a Rove and an Axelrod run campaign is Gov. Perry of Texas.
    If Palin runs I’ll bet she hires Rove cause he’s looking for a job.

    It will be interesting.

    workingclass artist in reply to PresPalin2012. | August 21, 2011 at 9:54 am

    “Gov. Palin in…2 and a half years” – That dog won’t hunt.

    She’ll spend most of her time defending or explaining her decision to resign office.

    She can’t win the middle of the country.