There does seem something very circular about CNN, CBS and NY Times polling showing an increase in negative views of the Tea Party, considering that such negative views are driven by biased CNN, CBS and NY Times reporting blaming the Tea Party movement for the S&P downgrade of the U.S. credit rating and a host of other things for which the Tea Party movement was not responsible.

Nonetheless, this self-fulfilling prophecy is news, as reported by The Hill:

The reign of the Tea Party may be coming to an end in Washington, according to academic political experts who say polls show a backlash against the conservative movement.

Two national polls released this month by CNN and The New York Times in conjunction with CBS News showed the Tea Party’s unfavorable rating at an all-time high.

Political scientists say the data shows a backlash of independent voters against conservative lawmakers who have taken a hard line against bipartisan compromise in Washington.

See, that’s how it works.

The mainstream media spends two years calling the Tea Party movement racist, extremist, sexist, terrorist, and hostage takers, and then acts as if negative polling results reflect something wrong with the Tea Party movement rather than their own biased reporting.


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