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“over 66 percent expect that the size of their workforce will either stay the same or decrease over the next year”

“over 66 percent expect that the size of their workforce will either stay the same or decrease over the next year”

Those are the findings of a survey of CEO’s by (h/t @billhobbs):

Unemployment numbers remain consistently high and CEOs are wary of future business conditions. In fact, chief executives are so pessimistic that over 66 percent expect that the size of their workforce will either stay the same or decrease over the next year according to Chief Executive magazine’s CEO Confidence Index for August 2011.

Of those who plan to hire, most will do so in a limited way; 74 percent of hiring CEOs will increase their workforce by less than 10 percent. This does not bode well for the 9.1% of US workers who were unemployed in July.

What’s driving the pessimism?  A big part of it is Obamacare:

The ranking of hiring-inducing priorities that were ranked “important to extremely important” were as follows:

  1. Backlog of work or increased revenue — 88.2 percent
  2. Evidence of economic expansion — 77.2 percent
  3. Repeal of Health Care Reform or eliminate uncertainty over its provisions — 71.6 percent
  4. Reduction in government regulation of business — 62 percent
  5. Government holds line on debt ceiling — 56.3
  6. Reduced corporate tax rate to OECD average — 54.3
  7. Balanced federal budget — 53.9
  8. Gov’t passes all free trade agreements without delay — 48.8
  9. Repeal Dodd-Frank or eliminate uncertainty over its provisions — 48.2

Do you see a theme here?  It’s not just Obamacare, it is government getting in the way.


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Give me a successful CEO of a corporation who believes in American exceptionalism, limited government, a strong defense, treating allies as friends and enemies as enemies, as president of the U.S. … and I promise everyone a better world.

Or, a governor with the same traits would be just fine.

LukeHandCool (who wonders why such CEOs never seem to enter politics … and who thinks it’s a shame they don’t).

Just another part of the Obama War on Jobs

Cisco recently cut 6,500 of its roughly 73,000 worldwide employees, and my understanding is that included many who took those early retirement/buyout offers.
Hidden from view was that most development programs shifted more resources (not necessarily employees) to India. As long as our government, our tone-deaf politicians, make this country have some of the worst business environments, expect this to continue.

My neighbor across the street has a small roofing business. He currently has 13 employees. He has enough business to expand, but he won’t. He doesn’t want all the hassle and legal uncertainty that comes with 15 or more employees.

Jobs that could have been but won’t be due to the fear government regulation inspires.

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Honestly, at this point how can people still possibly believe that Obama is either tone deaf or not fully cognizant of exactly what he is doing?

If people would simply stop listening to his words and just look at his actions alone, they would see that Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do. He is pursuing the life-long dream of the liberal/progressive movement. He obviously wants to expand government through increasing the payroll with bureaucracies and regulatory agencies (including Obamacare). He wants to expand the membership and power of the unions. He wants to expand the number of recipients of government largess who receive some sort of benefit in the form of monthly checks in the mail box. These groups make up his core constituency.

He is furiously trying to expand his base so that he can remain in power. If he can get to the tipping point where just 51% of the electorate are dependent upon the government for “something” (like their job or their benefits), Obama believes he can next have carte blanche to bring about his ultimate dream of redistribution of wealth through Cap and Trade followed by the magnificent dream of a VAT which he can then use to finance the balance of his programs.

Our biggest problem at this moment is that too few people just refuse to admit that our President is a charlatan. Only when people fully acknowledge that this is the essence of the problem, will we be able to rid ourselves of him and end the sham policies that are killing our economy, our security and the standing of our nation in the world.

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