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Obama: Okay, I’ll do it Thursday (Reader Poll added)

Obama: Okay, I’ll do it Thursday (Reader Poll added)

Obama, having bid to disrupt a previously scheduled Republican primary debate at the Reagan Libary on Wednesday, September 7, was rebuffed by John Boehner, who just said No, do it on Thursday.

Obama caved, and now has agreed to give the speech on Thursday.

Which conflicts with the NFL season opener.

Who gets the better ratings? (Poll open until noon on Thursday, Sept. 1)


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The WH spin will be: “See, we’re the adults who gave in to their childish demands, because this is so important. We’re gonna do whatever it takes to get Americans back to work.”

This attempt at scooping the debates makes Obama weak even in the department of campaigning strategy…he is really looking impotent.

Obama folded like a cheap suit?

I’m shocked, shocked!

Insufficiently Sensitive | August 31, 2011 at 9:46 pm

I thought the Mighty O was considered a political Really Smart Guy. But how did he think he could get a joint session on a moment’s notice without the Speaker signing off on it? Thanks to the Speaker for not yielding, and condolences to the President for looking even more inept with his failed attempt to hijack the Republican debates.

Cowboy Curtis | August 31, 2011 at 10:07 pm

Child in Chief.

I think Obama got exactly what he wanted……… to officially kick off his campaign by giving a speech in front of the joint congress for a taxpayer paid backdrop.

I think he employed the same tactic he used to pass Obamacare…… where he knew that the Senate using reconciliation to pass it was going to get a huge outcry, so he floated an even more over-the-top balloon……the house would “deem” they had passed the Senate bill without actually voting on it, which was so outrageous, that reconciliation then looked reasonable by comparison and it worked.

He knew that he would be smoked out for wanting to give a campaign speech with the backdrop of a joint congress so he floated the even more outrageous proposal of the speech at a joint congress coincident with the Republican debates. Now he will get exactly what he wanted without anyone able to question the appropriateness of him even doing this in the first place, while seeming to back down and be reasonable in the process.

Smoke and mirrors with misdirection. He’s employed this tactic often to get his opposition to jump where he wants.
He’s dumb alright……. dumb like a fox.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to PAT09. | August 31, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Sharp analysis. Explains why he was so quick to reschedule.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to PAT09. | August 31, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    There is a history here. Didn’t he give a speech to a joint session of Congress in Sept. 2009? About health care? There is no way Congress was going to not let him appear. I think this was a loss for him.

Wow! I really didn’t expect him to fold on this.


If so he out thought himself. I took a bullet for you guys and went over to DU to see how they were taking it. They’re absolutely livid that he caved again, and they think he is moron for proposing a date that was so easily brushed aside. The final slap — most of them said they were going to watch the football game instead.

Don’t forget that our enemies are watching him fold as well. What a fool.

So now we are going to get a speech on supporting our infrastructure. I thought that was what the first stimulus was for. Why bother passing another stimulus if a bunch of women corral The Big O and make him promise to spend more money on women? How about using the gas tax for roads, and not for mass transit or bicycle trails?

Does this count as a “Laverne and Shirley” moment, yet?

My prediction that he would not cave is proved wrong. I thought his arrogance would override his inherent weakness.

The only thing I can think of is that Michelle told him he looked like a fool and bullied him into changing.

It’s not over. there are private divorce records to unseal, and all. And race-wars to gin up. he’ll be bahhhhhck.

Here comes the hypocrisy of the Democrats about “respecting” the office of the Presidency! Jay “anus” Carney’s office is already spinning this as a rejection of the President’s “bipartisanship” and will hit hard against conservatives and the tea party. The laziest POTUS in history vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard while the country languished, and he will probably run from his proposals if the Democrat-controlled senate also rejects his new round of unabated tax/borrow/spend nonsense. The idiots in the MSM are already bemoaning ths “denigration” of the POTUS office. They have no room to talk. Eight years of denigrating the office under W leave them looking like idiots–like they didn’t already!!!

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter who “won.” Most Americans will be watch the Saints v Packers or the National Geography Channel or such come next Thursday night.
Obama’s words, like so many other politicians of both parties, are cheap. The government is effectively broke (or at least on a tight budget) so the plan will be ineffectual no matter how well designed.
It’s pretty clear that the economic braintrust in the transition team back in 2008/2009 thought is would be easy to “kick start” the economy, so Obama ignored real solution and did a “stimulus” that just paid off all of his supporters at taxpayer expense, rather than seriously try to fix what aled the economy. In their effort to deflect blame from the mortgage backed securities (i.e. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) to derivatives (AIG), they left the real problem with the housing industry, which makes up a huge portion of the economy, on the sidelines. It is still on the sidelines and the Obama “Jobs Plan” will do nothing to address it either.
Watch next Thursday evening for the announcement of a plan for an “infrastructure bank.” It’s real purpose is to act like a “piggie bank” for the Democrats, to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

In their sties with all their backing
They don’t care what goes on around
In their eyes there’s something lacking
What they need’s a damn good whacking.

A local high school football game will draw a bigger crowd than Obama. He ought to just take another very long vacation. Who would know he was gone?

Well, out here in the desert southwest (a southwestern suburb of fly-over-county), the highest rating will be Arizona-vs-OklaState (sorry, NFL). So far as presidential candidates go, it’s Sarahcuda (if she is on the ballot, either GOP or IND) or Rick Perry.

A local high school football game will draw a bigger crowd than Obama. He ought to just take another very long vacation. Who would know he was gone?

If the United States paid Barack Obama one billion dollars per day remaining on his term through January 20, 2012 (more than $500 billion), in exchange for the reversal of all his policies effective immediately, we would be way ahead of the game.

Oh ha ha! Thank you, Professor, for the poll!

Ans. Obviously, depends upon who is doing the poll.

“Too close to call”

Ha-ha. You’re cute, Professor. ;-p

@ ambisinistral is correct. Now if we could only arrange for another game on November 6, 2012, the professor might breathe a little easier.