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Obama campaign tactics against Romney already surface

Obama campaign tactics against Romney already surface

Politico recently reported that Obama’s campaign strategy was to attack and take down Mitt Romney with class warfare and attacks on Romney’s integrity.

Sure enough, Romney was heckled in Iowa in what obviously was a set up by people trying to create sound bites about Social Security and Medicare (which they were successful in doing).  Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I doubt it.

At some point Romney said that “corporations are people,” which has the mainstream media jumping for joy.

Overall I think Romney handled it well, and gave good explanations, all of which will be ignored by the mainstream media in favor of the “corporations are people” sound bite.


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Captain Obvious | August 11, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Romney’s crazy… Corporations aren’t people and animals aren’t meat and oceans aren’t water and traffic jams aren’t vehicles and unions aren’t people /Sarc

“corporations are people,”

And bloated, unresponsive governments are people, too.

LukeHandCool (who is only bloated and unresponsive when he’s had nine or ten too many beers).

He handled it very well.

This new Romney looks much more relaxed than what we saw in 2008. I have no doubt he would absolutely slaughter ObAmA+ in the general election. Not so sure he’s going to get there though.

This is what they did to George Allen in VA and he, unfortunately, responded to the harassing Democrat monkey with ‘macaca’.

[…] have pounced on a comment Mitt Romney made to one of their plants hecklers at an event in Iowa. As Professor Jacobson pointed out, this is all part of Team Obama’s strategy against Romney, or whomever the GOP […]

I wonder what happens when Republican activists do the same thing to Obama at his next campaign stop.

kay: “I wonder what happens when Republican activists do the same thing to Obama at his next campaign stop.”

I think before the rise of the Tea Party, there were not too many conservative activists willing to go to an Obama rally and challenge the President directly. I think 2012 will be an entirely different matter entirely.

However, the union-goons and O-bot bullies may be willing to physically harm any such challengers to Obama. It will be brave citizens who do this, to be sure. Obama will be getting a taste of this type of campaign tactic; his minions can isolate him only so much.

I’m looking forward to the media’s criticism of people who say that labor unions are people.

    [Engage Sarcasm]Oh, but you see, Labor Unions ARE people. They’re the voice of the “little guy” that can’t get a break because the evil CEOs and Management of the Corporations are keeping the “little guy” down. [End Sarcasm].

    If the Main Stream Media had ANY ethics left, they would give context to the “Corporations are people” line (because they ARE. Legally). The fact that they don’t shows exactly how shameless these Media types have become in the chase of “gotcha journalism.” In large part, that is why the Liberal Media is crashing (a la the New York Times). People see the blatant bias, and they recoil from it in horror.

    I know the former Chief Financial Officer of Gannett News Service. He was a close friend of my Grandfather and he was gracious enough to allow me to live out of his guest bedroom while I worked in Washington DC for several months one summer. This CFO – Back in 1999 – KNEW that the Liberal Media newspapers were finished because he could read the dwindling subscriber writing on the wall. That being said, he very quietly and gently pushed Gannett toward more electronic media, and purchases of what would be considered more “conservative” state and local newspaper organizations. In general, that is why The USA Today is doing much better than it’s cohorts.

Not bad. Maybe he can get a little coaching from Chris Christie.

I sorta expected Mitt to say, “I paid for this microphone,” but that’d be too obvious.

Update: Last night I was listening on the car radio (Sirius) to Sean Hannity’s show broadcast on Fox from the Iowa State Fairgrounds. At around 9:30, he had Mike Huckabee on as a guest (who won the Republican Iowa Caucuses in 2008), and this heckling incident was raised by Sean as a topic.

My initial thought was, “Oh, boy. Here we go!”

As any observer knows, there has always been a real measure of political hostility between Huckabee and Romney.

But instead, Mike’s answer nearly blew me away. In fact, it was probably a good thing I was stalled in traffic at the time because it was the opposite of what I expected!

Huckabee actually said this was “Mitt’s finest hour,” and then he went on to praise Mitt openly for the way he is conducting his campaign.

I don’t know if those two quietly got together and buried the hatchet at some point, but it sure sounded like it to me . . . maybe I should say “when” rather than “if.”

That could be very good for Mitt in the South.

here’s the hecklers group

I haven’t looked at yet to see if they’re in sync with ‘center for american progress’ and the WH