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It’s hard to believe the media narrative about Palin ever could change.

But it could change among the less crazed. MSNBC always will be foaming at the mouth, but others would have a hard time keeping up the hate.

Update:  To readers complaining about how Bachmann was portrayed in the CNN clip, they may be right, but we are inching towards an “anyone but Bachmann” scenario.  I’ll post more on that later.



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Wow! Don Lemon thinks he’s special!

Nice insight into the Palin and Bachmann camps. It’s likely that Bachmann had another migraine that necessitated that level of way clearing and protection.

Ok, but did you watch the whole thing? WHAT A WHINER! The bilge DON LEMON was pumping about Bachmann was RIDICULOUS! “I can’t believe her people were pushing people, ESPECIALLY ME! I hit my head on a golf cart but I think I’ll be okay! It was very disturbing! Shocking that the Bachmann campaign especially Marcus could treat people that way!”

Then you see the mob, there isn’t an inch between anybody. It was insane. Why on earth would security be worried in a crowd like that?

I mean, DIDN’T THEY KNOW WHO DON LEMON WAS? The transparent CNN anchor who just came out and wrote a book on COLORISM?

RE: that last link, it’s a shame there’s a falling out between the camps. While I prefer Palin, I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Bachmann quite a bit, so the insults by Rollins toward Palin were disappointing to say the least. That they may be part of a more general pattern makes me question the candidate, herself.

    I know I am going to get slammed by the true believers, but as a person who traveled 100’s of miles just to see Sarah Palin, I’m getting a bit tired of her head games. Either she is in, or she is out. But damn it, she needs to quit playing the coquette. It’s cute at a senior prom, but this is the election for our next president.

    She has made so many different statements (she’s in, but she wants to let people make another choice meaning she’s out) just in Iowa that it makes my head swim.

    And why is Palin slamming other candidate’s states? She can disagree with the candidate themselves, but don’t slam the people of their state. That is high school games.

    I was all for Sarah Palin For President, but her recent actions, and comments, seem to have violated Reagan’s 11th commandment.

      Juba Doobai! in reply to retire05. | August 13, 2011 at 11:07 pm

      “She has made so many different statements (she’s in, but she wants to let people make another choice meaning she’s out) just in Iowa that it makes my head swim.”

      No wonder your head is swimming, what you say here is a lie.

      “And why is Palin slamming other candidate’s states? She can disagree with the candidate themselves, but don’t slam the people of their state. That is high school games.”

      Another lie.

      “I was all for Sarah Palin For President, but her recent actions, and comments, seem to have violated Reagan’s 11th commandment.”

      You were never for Palin. If you had been, you wouldn’t have been lying on her like this.

      Viator in reply to retire05. | August 14, 2011 at 5:32 am

      Classic concern troll.

Maybe I’m jaded, but it looks to me like they’re dissing Bachmann since she’s doing so well, and pumping up Palin to try and get her to run. Then, of course, they’ll bash her to death!

IMO, Lemon is demonizing Bachmann because she is in, and not Palin because she is not. I agreed with lgstarr that all of that would change were Palin to get in. But, I will say, I saw the uncut video of Lemon following Palin around (he seemed to be fawning IMO), and she got a very fair edit. I find it oddly strange.

Sarah Palin in Iowa .. how is this bad for the President ?

If Palin does choose to be a candidate for President, then she is conducting the ideal campaign, by personally interacting with the people who she would represent.

As for Bachmann, without knowing the reason for her rushing through the crowd, the CNN report can only be described as prejudiced. For Lemon to retain his journalistic integrity, he would have at least attempted to ask her what happened. The same can be said for Blitzer. From the recording, it can only be determined that both men were distracted from their principal responsibility as journalists. It really seemed like an amateur production. Yes, I know, it is a rare occasion when a journalist maintains their integrity and objectivity.

1) In an age of asymmetric warfare, both cold and hot, it is odd that most people, even the people who are sure they are smarter than Palin, don’t get the fact that she is and will be running a asymmetric political campaign.

2) Palin, if you measure across all the states, probably has the best ground game in the United States at this moment. It is uneven but rapidly coalescing and gaining in size and momentum. How come people don’t don’t about it? Well: 1) the press at it’s best only knows conventional wisdom (the story of her organization will at some point become conventional wisdom) 2) The Palin organization keeps it cards very close to it’s chest 3) The existence of this organization doesn’t fit the present narrative re: Palin 4)The reason Palin was at the Iowa fair was because she was invited by influential political forces to attend. While she was there she met with a number of influential Iowa people.

3) Reports I have read indicate that working the hustings for Palin is quite an experience. There is a widespread regard, respect and even yearning for her to run, not among the elites and in urban areas (although you would surprised how dynamic NYC Palin supporters are. She probably has surprising strength in the working class boroughs of NYC) but across flyover country which is the bulk of the US. You could see it again in Iowa, fair-goers flocked to her location. She has attracted a large number of Democrats many of whom are very active in her various organizations. Again remember her organizations are the essence of grass roots. They appear, organize and grow without any input from her, a characteristic of asymmetric organizations.

4) You caught something on this Iowa visit which was also evident on the NE trip. A new relationship is growing between Palin and the press. Although she still has her enemies in the press (Pollutico, for example, will always be her enemy devoted to her destruction) they are warming to her. On the NE trip she gave numerous press interviews till they almost ran out of questions. Scott Conroy said his tape recorder indicated she talked for more than an hour uninterrupted that morning in Iowa. If she keeps feeding them like this they will develop a positive symbiotic relationship. The press loves nothing more than to do it’s job, Palin knows more about the press than one might think. If you watch the unedited tapes of her in Iowa she was very, very, good; knowledgeable, spontaneous, charming.

5) I think she decided to run a while ago. The present phase will end soon (She told Sky News in Iowa she has to announce in September, her words). Right now she is spending very little money, is not a target, she is getting an enormous return on investment of time and money spent, her organizations grow and self organize with very little cost to her in time and money. Knowledgeable commentators said that if Palin and her organization in Iowa had wanted to win the straw poll they could have, they declined. They think winning the caucus is the prize. By the time she enters a decent chuck of the candidates will have all but eliminated themselves.

6) Whether this somewhat battered and bruised woman can wrest the Presidency of the US from an establishment dead set against it is an open question. She will never be able to match their money, she is anathema to the political pork-industrial complex. The outcome depends on her, her political skills, her tactical and strategic intelligence, her vision and how effective these nascent political organizations become. I also think a great deal depends on how many people, both powerful and meek, decide to form up at her right hand. I can only report that a number of those very people are doing exactly that as we write. She has been underestimated before.

Viator | August 14, 2011 at 7:10 am

You nailed it man!

Great post, Viator.

From RedState, of all places…

There’s Sarah Palin And Then There’s… ???

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