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Name that bus tour

Name that bus tour

I see that Mitt Romney has dubbed Obama’s bus tour the Magical Misery Tour.

How about these alternatives:

  • The Driving Through Flyover Country Tour.
  • The “So This Is How The Common People Travel” Tour.
  • The Make Sure They Don’t Cling To The Bus Tour.
  • The “This Bus Tour Created or Saved 2,000,000 Jobs” Tour.

Surely you could do better.

The Twitter hashtag is #NameThatBusTour.

Update:  There are some good entries at the Facebook page.


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several questions jump to mind:

1) bio-diesel or regular diesel ?
2) is it stocked with beer and pretzels or lattes and celery ?
3) under or over inflated tires ?

Obama on a bus has to be comedy gold … talk about a Dukakis on a tank moment …

bob aka either orr | August 15, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Rush threw a few out there, including:
“Debt Man Driving Tour”
“America Under the Bus Tour”
Personally, I would call it the “Invasion of the Wallet Snatchers Tour” or “The Bus to Nowhere”.

bob aka either orr | August 15, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Also, Professor, isn’t it odd that he’s hitting Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois, but staying out of Wisconsin?

VetHusbandFather | August 15, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Snakes on a Bus?

I would also have to go with “America Under the Bus Tour”. It’s in keeping with the theme of his entire administration.

Rolling Plunder Tour

VetHusbandFather | August 15, 2011 at 2:22 pm

We couldn’t get the bus out of the ditch, so we’ll just drive further into it and keep the keys tour?

DINORightMarie | August 15, 2011 at 2:28 pm

How about the “$2,200,000,000 Bus Tour?’ (like the $6M dollar man)

Of course, that is for just each of the armored buses (two I believe), alone. Not to mention the AF1 flights to MN and from MO, security, entourage, etc.

The RNC has just come out with an ad labeling it the “Debt-End Bus Tour”

Perhaps alternate slogan could be: Debt or Alive!

Give me liberty or give me debt!

Wait a minute….Just give me liberty!

The Short Bus Tour.

“Following Palin’s Lead”

“Liar Liar”
“Nightmare on Main Street”

I say Dan Riehl has it #Buscapade ! Based on Mark Knoller comment on Twitter

“Road to Nowhere”… you know who sings that song.

S**ty S**ty Bang Bang Bust Tour
Without A Clue Bust Tour
Out Of Gas Bus Tour
Runnin’ On Empty Bus Tour
Deceased Lightnin’ Bus Tour

Does Syllibus would qualify?

Wrote too quick. Does Syllibus qualify?

“The Big Bus-t”

Apologies to Retire 05:

Rolling Blunder

Jive talkin’ tour

I like:

Rolling Plunder Tour
Out of Gas Tour

Finland Station Bus
Magical Mystification Tour
Blue to Red Tour
Yobs on the Dole Bus
The Flashmob Bus
The Pork Provider Tour
Centralism Charabanc
Far Left Jitney

I got this one from Chewydog at Gateway Pundit:

The Change you can step in tour.

How about BOHICA America (Bend over here it comes again)

The non court-ordered busing tour.

[…] got a nice ring to it.There’s a new Twitter hashtag: #namethatbustour. Some of the readers at Legal Insurrection have already come up with some good ones, inlcuding “Rolling Plunder.” I don’t […]

Captain Obvious | August 15, 2011 at 5:12 pm

How about
The Busness As Usual Tour
Giving Americans the Busness

“The Tour de Farce”

“Where in the World is Sarah Palin?”

checkered social fabric | August 15, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Does the bus have adverts for the weather channel and Yoplait on its sides? It’s the authenticity, stupid.

Obama himself has probably dubbed it the at least it’s not a commercial carrier with the filthy bathrooms, greasy headrests, and tubercular passengers seated next to you but a completely outfitted rockstar bus because I can only pretend so much to be common tour.

The “in memory of Ralph Kramden were he half black, skinny, American apologist, over-credentialed and under-performing please-remember-my-honeymoon bus” tour?

The 39% Bus Tour.

Combines this topic with my current favorite headline. 39 is my new, favorite number.

The Ominbus Named Deceit

The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

We’ve been calling it “Obama’s Under The Bus Tour”.
(Making hourly pit stops to scrape spattered American livelihoods off the tire treads.)

The My Unoriginal and Untenable Speed Rail Vision between Walmart Cities Isn’t Shovel-ready bus tour

The first who-needs-domestic-drilling 260 unicorn-power public conveyance tour.

My bus is bigger than her bus bus

In keeping with the ‘Under The Bus Tour’ … the ‘Hit ‘Em And Fergit ‘Em Tour’.

The MOST important questions

is it green, and does it meet the new CAFE standards, was it built by union employees, and is there a NUTRITIOUS snackbar aboard?

I have to ask, what happens to the bus after his three day tour of wagging his finger at us is over?

It’s a “Thank Allah it’s not an Israeli perp (and
American preppers’) vehicle and so we expect no terrorist bombs” bus tour.

[Touring word: projectionmuch?]

The “Magical Mystery Tour.” Paul, Ringo and Yoko couldn’t want too much to use it,say maybe a dime as in, “Buddy, can you spare a dime?”

female zine reader | August 15, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Someone/ many? had it above– Obama’s “Bust Tour” through middle America.

Meanwhile, when is Hugh Jackman going to do a bussed tour :)?

Obama’s GrAA+yhound bus tour?

The “right” name for the bus tour really depends to some extent on which audience he is playing to at any given moment. This is definitely a campaign tour, and he is speaking to many groups of natural constituents in an attempt to reassemble enough of his coalition to try to eke out a win — this is not going to be like 2008. So, it is really several operations at once. Here are a few:

This tour is confined to a few must-win battleground states in the Midwest, a region where polls show he seems to be having the most political trouble . . . making it from the “Team Obama” perspective . . . OPERATION BUSSIN’AMONGST THE FUSSIN’

Though small in number, his most important natural constituency is the press & media because of the high level of influence they still wield. They literally fluttered and swooned over him the first time around and into his Presidency, photographing him with halos around his head and even declaring him “almost God.” But, they will no doubt urge him to be a bit more down to earth this time.

The operative quality they will likely want to pitch is of a patient visionary, talking about shared sacrifice, one who is ever-willing to compromise to solve problems long-term. They will be expected to couple that image of him with a contrasting view of those darned parsimonious, stogy and short-sighted Republicans and Tea-Partiers, who have somehow caused this “hateful” gridlock.

I think the key will be that the Press will even let him get away with claiming that he is actually running against Washington! For the press and media, therefore, this is bus tour is . . . OPERATION ME ‘N THE FOLKS, TAKIN’ ON D.C.!

For the public workers, and their constituencies, including a broad range of potential recipients of future entitlements currently given back-burner status as a result of widely insufficient funding or even sufficient capacity to borrow to provide for current commitments, this will be a complex attempt by him to reconnect to the entitlement crowd, notwithstanding all the talk of compromise during the “talk & walk” debt negotiations, and his mentioning the need to “look at” existing programs for possible savings, this will be . . . OPERATION BUCU SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

And finally, for the trial lawyers, many of whom may well be wondering how he can possibly package an economy “tour” as a seemingly successful enterprise, when his entire economic plan to date has been a dismal failure by any objective measure . . . this operation will be couched in code — using secret language ONLY a lawyer uses or can understand . . . OPERATION GAINSAY . . . (deny, deny, deny!)

A Capra homage, “Mr. Politically Entitled Biden-Articulate Minority Goes to Washington (and Back)” bus tour?

How about the “Hell Freezes Over” Tour? (Sorry, Eagles.)

Suggested Tour Names:
The “Pass the Buck” Tour
The “Guess Who’s Fault It Is Now” Tour
or my favorite,
The “Don’t Blame Me – I’m Only The President” Tour

[…] Legal Insurrection has a Twitter link to the running suggestions for the new title of the Obama Non-political, non-campaigning bus tour. Magical Misery is funny (Romney campaign), Rolling Plunder is another great one as is Tour De Farce […]

Assmaster 5000:
2012 road to ruin?

Harry Reid would like to play.
“The light-skinned, no negro dialect bus tour”.

“See How I can Waste more of Your Money tour” or
“Let’s pretend it’s not a political bus tour paid by the tax payer from the guy who promised a new type of politics”

Throw Em Under the Bus Tour
The Bitter Clingers Bus Tour
The Back Seat Driver Bus Tour
The Leading From Behind Bus Tour
The WhineEbago Bus Tour