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“Most people … have had it with the seemingly endless elections”

“Most people … have had it with the seemingly endless elections”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appeared on the Morning Joe show this morning, and was fabulous.  He completely disarmed Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough.

Walker made the case for the success of what Republicans have done so far, and Wisconsin’s improving economic fortunes.

Walker also hit on a topic I posted about yesterday, the fact that people in Wisconsin (and anywhere, for that matter) necessarily will tire of the endless efforts of Democrats to recall and redo everything they don’t like.

There is a diminishing return, and Walker will use that to his great advantage as Democrats push forward with another recall effort, this time against Walker:

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The best part about that segment was that Mika kept her mouth shut. Did anyone else notice how tolerable she was since she wasn’t saying the most repulsive and stupid things?

Where was this guy at last night’s ‘debate’?

With all due respect to Bachmann, Gingrich and Cain, but am I the only one who thinks that we should only be promoting Presidential candidates from our mostly sparkling pool of Republican governors?

That was a good interview. I’m glad things are going well for the Governor, but, more importantly I am glad things are going well for Wisconsin. There is no way in hell the unions can recall him.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 12, 2011 at 8:48 pm

He’s an impressive guy. He always comes off as likable, articulate, and honest. I’m sure Capehart didn’t notice those qualities in him before because he’d rather believe the kooks in Madison who compared him to Hitler and Mubarack.

Most people have also had it with the endless occupation of our state capitol too.

Ann Althouse got caught in a dustup today – accosted while filming outside the capitol today:

Attack On Althouse At Wisconsin Capitol Singalong

As in everything in the universe there’s a tipping point, balancing…and the Dem/Progs/Union in your face actions have tipped the scale. Their inability to comprehend the reaction and perceptions of their behavior, is beyond tone deaf. They are day by day eliminating any sympathy anyone but the most rabid supporters had for their position. As they continue with their antics, Gov Walker and the repubs have kept their heads down and are working and doing the business of all the people of this state.

Ann Althouse represents that which is making them most angry right now…what appears due to her reasonable positions, to be the disaffection for their rants, chants and sing alongs by normally Dem leaning citizens. They are furious because they stayed to long at the party and generally made asses out of themselves.

When you say, “…the fact that people in Wisconsin (and anywhere, for that matter) necessarily will tire of the endless efforts of Democrats to recall and redo everything they don’t like,” what “fact” are you referring to? Polls? Some other method for measuring?

Gov Walker makes the same point, anecdotally, but then again, of course *he* would think/hope that people are tired of recalls. Perhaps he’s right. But as we are an intensely divided country, perhaps he’s wrong. Clearly the prospect has got him thinking, as he is suddenly sounding almost conciliatory.

Either way, the theory will almost certainly be put to a conclusive test, perhaps beginning as early as January 4th. Then we’ll have a basis for determining the facts regarding how sick people are of recalls.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to cylinders. | August 13, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    You must be joking. The intention of recalls was to remove politicians who have abused their power or otherwise lost the confidence and consent of the governed. That happens after the politician has engaged in misconduct, corruption, developed a mental illness that impairs judgment, etc.

    The purpose of recalls, which are expensive to administer, was not to give the losing side of an election a do-over. And that’s all this recall of Walker amounts to. The Democrats lost in November and like spoiled brats who bang their cups on the high chair when they don’t get their way, the Democrats are now banging their cup on the high chair because they didn’t get their way in November.

    They lost in November. They lost the Supreme Court vote. Now they’ve “lost” the Senate recall in the sense that they did not regain control of the Senate. Now they want to recall the duly elected governor? It’s an insult to the independents/centrists who gave Walker their support when they elected him to make them defend their vote against a bunch of spoiled brats who didn’t get their way in November.

    Forcing the independents/centrists to defend their vote one more time is likely to alienate them and impair the Democrats chances of making gains in the 2012 elections.

    As usual, I agree with the Professor. Go please go forward with the recall of a governor whose policies are already paying off for the taxpayers. That’s probably going to work out nicely.

And the lies and the gratuitous ad hominems and the blame shifting and the obfuscations (did I mention the LIES?) and the relentless attempt to cast ANYONE with a contrary or conservative viewpoint as “crazy; terrorists; extreme; wingnuts; tea baggers; fascists; nazis; raaaaacists; haters; mean spirited etc.)

Actually, except for the physical violence, the unions are just mirroring the other arm of Liberal insanity; the Major Media.

I think people are finally starting to see that the common thread between all these people and their similar attacks at the same target is the taking of money from the people to provide themselves with a better life style and more power than the people they have taken it from.


Until we put a mental spike through it’s cold dead heart, we’ll never be free and the world and the country will undergo relentless strife and confusion.

Republicans need to wake up to the threat we face and begin to truly fight back at every opportunity.

I truly believe that though they MAY feel that their reasons for their actions are right and proper and justifiable, the LIBERAL philosophy and it’s goals are unAmerican, and traitorous and should be treated as the dangerous, virulent and contagious disease that it appears to be and that philosophy must be permanently discredited for the safety and well being of future generations.

I like Gov. Walker. He seems to treat everyone with respect but, underneath it all, he’s very tough.

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