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Mark your calendars, Kathleen returns

Mark your calendars, Kathleen returns

You doubted she would, after working for The Wall Street Journal in London.

But it is to be.

Mark your calendars for September 6.


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You mean she got away with bustin’ up Harrods’s windows in all the excitement a couple weeks ago?

Well, bugger me.

I’m curious what her thinking on the current Republican field are…

LukeHandCool, those dresses and flatscreens were gifts!
Mike, let’s hope the field looks different in a week or two…

Cowboy Curtis | August 23, 2011 at 3:19 pm

No sooner announced than the east is rocked by an earthquake….an omen?

Looking forward to reading her posts.

Rats. Back to occasionally passing quickly through instead of being a regular reader. How long until her next hiatus?

It will be your loss. Be a little flexible; you just might change your mind.

Well, good luck to her in her senior year! Proudly, I will also note that my youngest child just checked in to the Cornell asylum this past weekend as a newly-minted Freshman. Hopefully he can follow in her footsteps to the Review.