Rudy famously waited too long in 2008, by skipping Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, assuming he would win big in Florida.  He didn’t, because by the time the primaries arrived in Florida, Rudy was an also ran.

Back in July I suggested that Mitt Romney may be hurting himself by allowing others to grab the spotlight and appearing to sit back and wait for others to burn out, How long can Romney wait?

Has Romney’s absence from the public consciousness created a vacuum just waiting to be filled, or was there always going to be a vacuum so long as Romney was in the lead?

The strategy appeared to be working like a charm, until Rick Perry entered the race.  Romney’s laid back strategy continued:

It’s not that they don’t take Perry seriously. Rather, Romney’s supporters  believe the Bay Stater’s tortoise-like strategy will play to one of his  essential strengths — durability over the long haul — and show Republican  primary voters that he’s best prepared to go up against a vulnerable incumbent  president.

Now that Perry has surged to the lead, has Romney pulled a Rudy and let time pass him by?

Or has Romney been there before, as with Mike Huckabee in 2007, facing someone who will not have electoral legs?


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