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Irene Open

Irene Open

Looks like it was “just” a Category 1 when it hit North Carolina.

I’ll be interested to see what happens as it moves up the coast, because a shift East would be bad news for my home in Rhode Island.  We’re not on the beach, but much of our town is, so the further West it stays the better for us, although the folks in NYC may disagree.

Update 7:50 p.m.  — Eye has moved slightly more to the West, which is good news for RI, bad news for NYC, Connecticut and western Mass.


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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 27, 2011 at 9:59 am

“Looks like it was “just” a Category 1 when it hit North Carolina.”

Krazy Krugman hardest hit.

I hope it turns out to be, as I suspect it will, much ado about nothing. Every couple of years the media gives us Nor’easter or Hurricane hysteria.

Although for any approaching hurricane people should take common sense precautions.

After the downgrade to Cat 0, Shephard Smith will be wearing a heavy-duty Patagonia jacket, standing in a puddle in lower Manhattan hysterically screaming that there is cannibalism going on inside the NY Stock Exchange.

All the while declaring it’s Bush’s Fault.

And Fox News ratings will go up.

    retire05 in reply to syn. | August 27, 2011 at 11:33 am

    LOL, Smith is currently on Fox with his “Get out! Get out! Armageddon is coming!” rant.

    85 mph winds? Really? Seems like the “worst storm to hit the East Coast in a century” just turned into a good blow.

I think Rhode Island is probably safe, Jim Cantore isn’t there anymore is he?

There’s about 200,000 people without power as of now in Dominion’s service area in VA and NC. There are several smaller utilities in the region as well, but Dominion has by far the most territory.

Here’s a link to the customer count for outages:

Here it is graphically:

This is a pretty reliable indicator of where the strong winds are – nearly all of these outages will have been caused by trees/branches downed by strong winds.

Hope you miss it, Professor. It’s been doing a lot of damage along the NC coast, according to the Weather Channel. Have had a couple of power blinks here in Richmond; fingers crossed we don’t lose power like we did with Isabel. Been raining and windy since late last night.

It’s a pretty big storm if the eye is near Nag’s Head and we’re getting slammed here. I think the biggest problem near the coast is the storm surge. There are reports of flooding in the tunnels in the Norfolk area (they were already closed to traffic).

The Weather Channel’s still showing it as a Cat. 1.

Hope all of you on the east coast stay relatively dry and safe.

If it’s any consolation, here on the west coast it seems slightly more humid than usual (still semi-bone dry) and the wind has kicked up a bit judging by the gentle swaying of the palm trees.

Our son took his family to a beach house on Long Island a week ago. They were on the beach when the quake hit — “The whole beach moved!” — and then they had to leave LI a day early because of Irene. He said the traffic was horrendous. All in all a good vacation.

retire05 said: Seems like the “worst storm to hit the East Coast in a century” just turned into a good blow.

Hope appropriate given the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal of late.

Storm center still over NC, moving very slowly (11 mph NNE).

The high winds are in VA though, Petersburg/Richmond getting hammered now. Over half million out of power.

For those of you up north, I suspect there won’t be much left of this one by the time it gets to NJ/NY.

All in all, up to now it sounds pretty much like a “storm”, rather than a “catastrophe”. Which is good.

Shame on LukeHandCool for not mentioning his allergies were kicking up due to the wafting motion of his gentle breezes.