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Irene and me

Irene and me

Well, so far things could have been worse,

We decided to stay in Ithaca after neighbors took care to get our home in Rhode Island ready.  About 40% of Rhode Island, including our street, is without power since this morning.  Watching the Weather Channel I was surprised to hear my town mentioned, as having recorded wind gusts in the low 80s.  So far, no reports of major damage.

As incredible as it sounds, Ithaca hundreds of miles away is feeling the effect with blustery weather.  We lost cable and internet, but fortunately I have Verizon Wireless internet on my laptop for when I travel.  The counties just East of here are under flash flood watch as the storm had dumped a ton of rain north of New York City towards Albany and the Adirondack mountains.

I’m going to walk over to Cascadilla creek, one block from my house, to take a look.

Back, not bad.  I’ve seen it higher.

Update: There was quite a bit of damage in Rhode Island. Almost half the state is without power. My area had many downed trees blocking roads and bringing down power lines, but my house was spared any damage.


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I remember when Hurricane Agnes, also a category 1, devastated the NY Southern Tier in June, 1972. It was graduation weekend for a lot of schools.

    bob aka either orr in reply to Kitty. | August 28, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Kitty, I remember Agnes all too well. The family homestead wasn’t affected much (just some basement water from rain runoff… we lived up on a hill, about 2 miles from the Susquehanna). But family friends were evacuated and suffered second floor water several miles off the river on the west side around Wilkes-Barre. For a full week, you couldn’t get across the Susquehanna anywhere in Pa. That’s what I worried about more from this storm… Of course, now the homestead’s been without power for 24 hours now (10.20 pm EDT), with no restoration in sight (PP&L has more than 150,000 customers still out across eastern Pa.). I’m at work now, posting on break.

    WarEagle82 in reply to Kitty. | August 28, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Hurricane Agnes ruined my summer in 1972. I was on a trip from Mississippi to Virginia that summer and Agnes followed us all the way up the coast and damaged a damn in Virginia and knocked down a bridge out of town as well.

    Hurricane Isabel in 2003 was much worse though.

in Maine we are not (yet) getting as much wind but I am east of the centerline and getting lot of rain.
so far over 3″ and looks like will end up around 6″
power blinking of course and my generator is buried, but can be brought online in 30 minutes if needed.
out in the woods power blinks if someone passes gas in right location 🙂

hope everyone is safe.

Like they say “Coulda been worse”. Katrina was six years ago tomorrow.

Lots of wet here all day in the south-of-the-Adirondacks region. It’s just breezy now. The old dog finally feels comfortable enough to stop pacing, and to go outside.

Happy to hear the better-than-planned-for outcomes. Seriously chastised by Mrs. Dweet for earlier west coast snarkiness, so mea culpa for Eramus’s old dog’s extra worries.

Will now do three laps around the neighborhood for penance.

Heard here last year when talking to the power company guys on my block: “Hey, do you have to cut that tree back that far?”
Heard this year: “Dang, I’m glad they cut the tree back that far or it would have caught the power line when it fell.”