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Iran Demands UK Restraint With Protesters, Seeks To Send Human Rights Delegation To Observe

Iran Demands UK Restraint With Protesters, Seeks To Send Human Rights Delegation To Observe

Reports the Jerusalem Post:

As riots have spread across the UK leading to hundreds of arrests and the death of one 26-year-old man, Iran has called on British police to avoid using violence against rioters and demonstrators, and to show “restraint” when dealing with protesters, Iranian FarsNews Agency reported.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast reportedly asked the UK government to open dialogue with “protesters,” and has called on human rights groups to investigate the killing of Mark Duggan, 29, which sparked the violent riots that has seen substantial damage and theft.

Deputy Head of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hossein Ebrahimi also told Fars news that he had requested from the British government to allow an Iranian human rights delegation to visit the country, and “study human rights violations.”

They deserve each other.

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This is a joke right?

Captain Obvious | August 10, 2011 at 4:52 pm

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to detect irony again… I think that part of my brain just broke.

LOL. I may go to hell for saying this, but someone in the Iranian Ministry of Propaganda sure has snark.

Let’s see, the same Iran that stones “adultery” criminals. Persecutes homosexuals etc. Shoots down “thought criminals” in the street. LMAO

I heard Syria is making the same demand now.

>.> Iran is up to something….
…..I don’t know what it is yet….
but perhaps the are in part responsible for some of the rioting and violence in England…

Islam is hardly the religion of peace as they like to proclaim it is….

they are of course trying to look compassionate and humane…. but I don’t buy any of it from them…

But they do riot like crazy whenever they feel Islam is insulted. If the riots somehow do get traced back to them. UK should just bomb them until they’re cities are burning and ruined.

Yes, by all means, tread lightly with the islamic terrorists. We do not want to offend them. They might not like us anymore.

Why doesn’t GB ship all the rioters off to Iran where they can deal with them in a perfectly humane manner? Solves too problems the way I see it.

This is just Iran taking a cheap political shot while they have the opportunity. It’s like a child, after they’ve been caught punching their sibling saying “well you just told me not to hit people, but you’re spanking ME.” It’s all about context, and Iran is trying desperately to equate what is going on in Great Britain with the brutal crackdowns that have occurred in Iran and trying to shape world opinion to say “well, Great Britain can respond to their rioters, we can respond to OUR rioters.”

I think it’s also a preemptive political strike to try to head off the flak that Iran is sure to get very shortly when their entire population starts rioting from having their electricity turned off, as the subsidies have been cut and Iranians have seen their bills rise from 80,000 rials (about $80) to 5 million rials ($5,000) a month. The population is simply refusing to pay, and the government is going to crack down pretty soon one way or another.

Intellectual dishonesty and double speak is an art form with the muslim religion and arab, middle east nationals. What other religions holy book has a section that tells you it’s ok to lie and deceive to do the work against the infidels? There would be only one.

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I am sure the Iranians and the Egyptians are all impressed. Not favorably, but impressed.