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If this is “halfway there,” can you imagine what “there” will be?

If this is “halfway there,” can you imagine what “there” will be?

It’s hopeless with the current man at top.

Flickers of job hope quickly fade because there is a cloud hanging over the country’s economy and job growth:

The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week rose back
above the 400,000 level in the latest week, adding to worries about the health
of the economy.

Unemployment claims rose 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 408,000 in the week
ended Aug. 13, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

The gain comes one week after claims had slipped below the 400,000 level,
seen as a threshold for improvement in the labor market.

The gain in claims was higher than expected.

He’s told us he is only halfway there (emphasis mine):

“It’s been a long, tough journey. But we have made some incredible strides together. Yes, we have. But the thing that we all ought to remember is that as much as good as we have done, precisely because the challenges were so daunting, precisely because we we were inheriting so many challenges, that we’re not even halfway there yet. When I said ‘change we can believe in’ I didn’t say ‘change we could believe in tomorrow.’ Not change we can believe in next week. We knew this was going to take time because we’ve got this big, messy, tough democracy,” President Obama said at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday night [August 3].

If this is “halfway there,” can you imagine what “there” will be?

Would you hire someone and expand your business not knowing what “there” will look like?

The is only one solution.  But I repeat myself.


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“The bad economic data just keeps coming from the US:
Factory activity in the US Mid-Atlantic region plummeted in August, falling to the lowest level since March 2009. The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank also said its business activity index dropped to minus 30.7 from positive 3.2 the month before and was far below economists’ expectations for positive 3.7, according to a Reuters poll. Any reading above zero indicates expansion in the region’s manufacturing. The survey covers factories in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware.”

Nouriel Roubini – Uglier than ugly “@ReutersPolls: Philly Fed at -30.7 is off-the-scale bad. Lowest forecast was -10! (consensus +3.7)”!/Nouriel/status/104193421245288448

An excellent graph from Reuters which shows why the bad Philly Fed numbers today are such a disaster for markets – they generaly presage what the broader US-wide ISM manufacturing index will show:

A cloud hanging over the country’s economy? This is coded RACIST language!!!

Cowboy Curtis | August 18, 2011 at 11:47 am

20% unemployment or bust?

A democratic republic such as ours largely operates by each side compromising and reaching a consensus that allows us to move forward. Obama wants those of us who have an excess of wealth/income to allow the government to redistribute that excess to those who lack. How about we concede that and in return demand that the government take the excess leisure time from those receiving our excess wealth/income and share it with us?

AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” might be an appropriate video of the day in the sidebar, eh?

More “bad luck”

Regarding your provocative interrogatory title, it suggests a horrifying conclusion.

And, it immediately reminded me a bit of what Gertrude Stein once said in her “Everybody’s Autobiography” after having revisited her a childhood home of Oakland, CA, many years later . . . “. . . there is no there there.”

Now, of course there will be those who will point out that she wasn’t actually born there [she was born in Allegheny, PA] and that she spent most of her life in Paris, France, actually calling “La Ville-Lumière” her hometown.

All true. But . . . she was a Republican!

The gain in [unemployment] claims was higher than expected.

Unexpected by whom? I expected it. I even predicted it (orally, to a friend). More interesting to me is that today’s stock market is far worse than expected – even far worse than I had expected.

Obama’s job performance is much worse than I had expected, and I expected him to be as bad as Jimmy Carter.

    Midwest Rhino (not RINO) in reply to Iowa Jim. | August 18, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    On “The Five” on FOX, they held up a “Miss Me Yet” sign, but it had Carter’s face instead of Bush … ha.

…and inflation was .5% with expected at .2%. DJIA down over 3% at -400.

Have a nice day!

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 18, 2011 at 12:49 pm

“Green” energy is our future, our economically astute president has repeatedly told us for nearly 3 years.

Evergreen Solar (ticker ESLR), traded for $103 on Christmas Eve 2007. It filed for bankruptcy earlier in the week and is now trading for $0.17. Wind energy company BWEN traded for $27 in 2008. It’s now trades for under $1. Similar stories with ethanol.

That’s our green energy future.

David R. Graham | August 18, 2011 at 1:16 pm

“Obama’s job performance is much worse than I had expected, and I expected him to be as bad as Jimmy Carter.”

His job performance is what I expected and yet I expect, as he says, far, far more in the same direction. He is not done, he says so, and one can believe what he says in that particular.

Partly the more is in things to come, involving especially intensified race and religion conflicts. But also the more is in numberless big and little torpedoes on timers, legal and financial especially, still concealed or ignored, he and friends have emplaced to complete the deconstruction of the USA as a sovereign nation-state.

In its own terms, his job performance is top drawer. He qualifies in his and his friends’ eyes as arguably the most successful POTUS in US history. Observe the disquiet he has engendered, the riot. In his orbit that is meritorious service. He has performed his mission admirably and intends to complete it with broad and deep help from his friends here and abroad. He deserves many fine vacations and other compensations to boot.

The question I would have is not whether he would step down, but rather, whether he would hand off in 2013 or anytime thereafter. “There” (from this post’s title) is a broken, un-rejoinable nation-state. That is success, an achievement devoutly to be wished. That is the “vision” of “an America we believe in.” His and his friends’ is another world from the one outsiders (“folks”) think it is. Who’s to oppose them?

Like I keep saying, “Puts for the Putz.”

Might as well make some money off hopey-changey incompetence.

Obama is most definitely starting to act like J. Wellington Wimpy, generally referred to as Wimpy, the personal friend of Popeye.
“I’ll give you a ‘jobs plan’ tomorrow, if you love me today”
He even likes hamburgers, too.

In part because our national media uncritically allowed it to happen throughout his campaign in 2008, Barack Obama made a lot of very vague and empty promises of change to come, and he unfortunately duped a lot of people into believing in them.

All of them were imbued by him with the assured warmth of hope for a lot of Americans. But some of those Americans have begun to get frustrated as they have seen so many promises laid abandoned by the wayside. The consequences of his broken promises, including stubbornly high unemployment and other ominous economic signs, have emerged as glaring barricades along the way. The frustration is beginning to fester.

The recent bus tour even revealed that he will try to run against Washington — the same Washington he and the Ds literally ran into the ground for two years without any opposition! That is why I think Newt is correct when he says the House should be very active in passing legislation to reduce the debt, and do what they can to promote job growth in the private sector now — they should not sit back and wait for the “Super Committee.” That is a trap. Let Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats create the gridlock to legislation.

Obama is now and always has been a radical community organizer. Class warfare is simply what he knows best, and he will pursue that strategy without the slightest hesitation. Anyone who has the nerve to claim that he somehow has it more difficult politically than Lincoln did, while simultaneously refusing to personally stay in the White House and work on or reveal his jobs “plan” until he gets back from two weeks vacation, is simply out of touch with what this country needs, and it’s core values.

The answer to his claim that we are only half-way “there” is this:

“We could go “there” . . . or, we could stop digging ourselves further into this hole you’ve contributed so much to putting us in. And that way, we’d be half-way back to some semblance of financial stability.”

During the election of 2008 Obama periodically dropped the veil and announced exactly what he was planning to do…unfortuntaely the MSM drowned out the few voices that picked up on it, Alinsky’d them with ridicule and pushed him on to the WH. (Ex: not outlaw coal, make it so expensive you can’t afford it; gun crisis in this country…made one of their own with Fast & Furious and Gun Runner; Not going to have a single payer system, going to collapse medical insurance under regulation and it will be the only option left.)

Mostly you cannot believe a word this man says…but, if you are listening carefully, like the Prof with this post, you will find the pathological liars signature kernal of truth. Look around, halfway is enough to tell you what “there” is. An it’s not pretty.