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I haven’t recovered yet from the first

I haven’t recovered yet from the first

Thanks to reader Greg who writes:

I’m a young Legal Insurrection reader from North Carolina. I designed this anti-Obama bumper sticker and would really appreciate if you could help me spread the design so people can re-post or print it themselves. The beauty is that at first glance it looks pro-Obama, so even some oblivious Obama disciples might stick it on their cars.

I expect most people will get the Animal House reference and think about what Obama is doing to my (“Youth”) generation.

A youth raised on Legal Insurrection and Animal House.  There’s hope for us yet.


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Joan Of Argghh | August 31, 2011 at 7:10 am

Or, in light of the thin gruel Obama’s dishing out: “Please sir, I want some more!”

But I question the “Youth FOR Obama” moniker on it, which suggests a more Obama-favorable interpretation of it, despite the potential Animal House reference. Hey, waiddahminute… is this a double agent infiltration? Getting LI to disseminate pro-Obama propaganda? Hmmmm….. 😉

DINORightMarie | August 31, 2011 at 8:28 am

Just FYI – the link in your post resulted in a “page not found” error.

@Ted: I also question the Youth FOR Obama, with the O symbol on the right of the sticker. I understand the subtlety of it, but I would NEVER put “FOR Obama” on my car. Ever.

It would be more effective to just have the O symbol on the right, IMHO. If this is a stealth punking of LI, then we’ll just have to make sure our comments reflect that NO ONE should be “FOR Obama” after this “Great Recession” Era of Obama.

It’s not a stealth punking of LI, but it is a stealth punking of real youths (or anyone) for Obama, who necessarily have the “thank you sir, may I have another” mindset.

You know, I haven’t actually seen Animal House. What is the context of the joke?

As not one of the “young” and, like Voyager, have not seen Animal House my first reaction to this was that it was referring to a certain character in a great book written by Charles Dickens (if any of you have read the old classics, you’ll know who I mean) 🙂

Speaking of Animal House, one could also use the scene where Otter tries to cheer up a crying Flounder after Otter and Co. have trashed Flounder’s brother’s car on a “road trip.”

“You f**ked up … you trusted us!”

A smiling Obama besides a slogan of, “You f**ked up … you trusted me!” would be nice.

LukeHandCool (whose favorite scene was Belushi on the ladder spying on Mandy Pepperidge in her bedroom)

Greg, I see the slam, but you may be being a bit too subtle.