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I didn’t do so good on the midterm, but there’s always the final and class participation.

B. Obama


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Barry: You’re “classroom participation” grade is an F. Every time you try to promote a cause, the poll numbers go south. (Did you really think that if you gave one more speech on health care insurance reform people would understand it better, and then want it more? Wrong!) Every college or professional team you root for tanks. Nobody wants to be endorsed or supported by you. Hell, in the 2011 NCAA Men’s Brackets, you picked the four top seeds to advance to the Final Four. Haven’t you the guts to pick against the seeding? Did you notice that NONE of them made it? You Promised us a National College Football Playoff Tournament to crown the NCAA National Football Champion. Where is that? Sorry, you have failed classroom participation. As for the Final, well, you better hope it is nothing worse than losing the election.

[…] UPDATE: “I didn’t do so good on the midterm, but there’s always the final and class participation…. […]

I woulda done better but the professor doesn’t like me just because I missed some homework! It’s not my fault! George W. Bush ate it!

Cowboy Curtis | August 5, 2011 at 12:29 am

There’s no way he actually said that, not even an abject fool would utter those words in public. Wait a minute….

I never cease to be amazed, and appalled and ashamed, at the utter stupidity of 50-odd percent of the American voters that actually voted for this clown. the worst (as in talent) liar I ever met in law school was leaps above this charlatan. Perhaps its time to revisit property requirements for the vote. November 2012 simply cannot get here quickly enough.

BP non-oil corp American | August 5, 2011 at 1:26 am

Well…..good ride, see ya come Feb. 2013.

Just letting ya know BHO, the mid-term was a wave. 2012 will be a tsunami.

Obama has no class, so it would need to be “no-class participation” instead.

BO: you ARE grading on a curve, aren’t you?

ShootingBuddy | August 5, 2011 at 8:13 am

If the Professor does not give me an “A”, it is racism.

“Better yet, you would want Obama, in the grand tradition of LBJ, to decline a second term. No such luck. The man is evidently an (increasingly) bitter clinger.”

Sorry, this guy’s grades are a state secret, you will be punished for discussing them.