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Department of Innovation Logo Fail

Department of Innovation Logo Fail

Michelle Malkin reports:

Inspired by President Obama’s “Sputnik moment” speech back in January, the government-sponsored Smithsonian Institute has launched a new blog called“Department of Innovation”

Sharp-eyed reader Rob M. certainly found the “Department of Innovation”s logo entertaining. You will, too.

Take a closer look:

As Rob wrote me this morning: “Check out the logo. 3 interlocking gears arranged in this fashion will not move in any direction. They are essentially locked in place. Which when you think about it, is a perfect analogy of today’s government!”


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My God! They’ve developed the perpetual non-motion machine.

Explain then how it is that every gear of this government is turning Left?

Heh. “Department of Innovation.” Orwell is chuckling.

VetHusbandFather | August 11, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Also a perfect analogy for how the administration seeks to shift our energy production to renewable energy and bring our infrastructure into the 21st century. It can all be done through politicians and the media! No need to consult say… an engineer.

It’s hideously ugly to boot.

Sally Paradise | August 11, 2011 at 1:43 pm

innovation…from grid lock to gear lock…

Probably had a few of those gears on the hypersonic plane.


It reminds me of the time a friend of mine, a true-blue NYC urbanite, saw some wind turbines standing stock still on a windless day. She suggested that they should put up solar cells to make the turbines move when there was no wind. Same kind of thinking.

FWIW, they apparently read your post because they’ve now separated one of the cogs so the gears can turn.


As a now retired Department of the Army “Fed” I’d say that logo, as originally drawn, is spot on. Much gearing gnashing, no progress in most instances.

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | August 11, 2011 at 3:30 pm

It doesn’t have to work, just as long as tax payer funded union jobs are created.

Loved it!

Briefly replaced my “Tilting at Windmills” Don Quixote Avatar on one site with this “Department of Ineptitude” logo

all they need to add is rust, decay
a motor that is dead/broken
and an engineer with alztimer’s disease.

….and that sums up our president and economy.

This isn’t a photoshop come on is it? The logo on the Smithsonian site is different. The gears don’t all intermesh.

Well, they changed the logo on the linked site. What is surprising, though, is that they acknowledged changing it.

I hope that the blogger doesn’t lose his job for admitting that.

Go to the website and it’s been changed. Sheesh.

Go to the website and it’s been changed. Sheesh.

Ed. note — Thank you to everyone for your comments about our logo. We have since shifted the gears and switched in a new logo.

Big picture about that “innovation” logo: Gears? Really? For the 21st c.?

It looks like an iconic throwback image in support of Soviet prole-industrialism.

we already have a patent office. this disrespects us.