So who are the global warming deniers, the people who treat projections and models as the gospel truth, or the scientists who keep investigating and questioning?

This report from the BBC leads one to conclude that those who most frequently shout that the scientific “consensus” must drive public policy are the real deniers:

Scientists say current concerns over a tipping point in the disappearance of Arctic sea ice may be misplaced.

Danish researchers analysed ancient pieces of driftwood in north Greenland which they say is an accurate way to measure the extent of ancient ice loss.

Writing in the journal Science, the team found evidence that ice levels were about 50% lower 5,000 years ago.

They say changes to wind systems can slow down the rate of melting.

They argue, therefore, that a tipping point under current scenarios is unlikely.

I don’t know what the answers are on the movement and cause of global warming, but I do know not to trust people who tell me just to trust them and not to question modeling which is notoriously inaccurate.