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Coexistence is futile

Coexistence is futile

That’s the subject line on the e-mail from reader and commenter “K” who send the following photo and message:

The sight of a Coexistence bumper sticker in the company of other stickers that contradict the presumed coexistence message is so typical that I hardly give it more than a chuckle any more.  But this Coexist accompaniment was more over-the-top than usual and so I followed the car into the parking lot of a gym and captured it.

I have no doubt that the us-vs-them mentality shown on her other stickers is in no way connected in her feeble brain with the whatever she’s trying to accomplish with her message of coexistence.

And since there are no standards within the environmentalist “treehugging” community I’m pretty sure the driver (lone occupant, by the way) saw no irony in driving an oversize vehicle to the gym so that she could spend her allotted time on the treadmill or exercise bicycle.  Because it is the Neo-conservatives that are destroying the environment and not her, don’tcha know.


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That bumper sticker exhibits a great amount of rage and hostility. Talk about war mongering and intolerance!

DINORightMarie | August 5, 2011 at 8:17 am

Once again the Left reveals themselves via projection. Tune into it, and you find it over and over again. What they claim so vehemently to hate they become the very image of, from what I’ve seen. Uncanny.

Sadder still, these self-proclaimed “geniuses” don’t see it, then fume and sputter epithets (e.g “You knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Neanderthal!” or the oft heard, “You uneducated, low-life, stupid idiot!”) should you point it out. They prove it again!

Another piece of evidence that leftism is a key symptom to mental illness? Perhaps. 😉

I wonder if those “environmentalists” realize how many of their coexisting people would starve if it weren’t for those “climate-destroying corporatists”.

A tree-hugger’s bumper sticker hugging the rear fender of a fossil-burning, corporately produced vehicle. Classic.

Perhaps she is not aware of the corporatism and crony capitalism of the treehugger movement. Also is she aware that in just a few short years the luxury of driving a minivan will be eradicated thanks to enviroquacks and a 56mpg mandate. I don’t know about her but I need a large vehicle to transport my family to Dr. appointments and to buy groceries, not just to go to the gym. Coexist? How about this woman stops being a motherf#@king hypocrite like Al “monster carbonfootprint” Gore and many of Hollywood’s elites who hate the normal people in fly over country. I am sick of it. My carbon footprint is probably smaller than this woman’s, but I am working on growing mine not making it smaller. These people want to force the masses into poverty while they continue to live comfortably.

Also if she believes in evolution then why does she not understand that there is nothing to save. Life on Earth will evolve and adapt to a changing climate as will our economy and allocation of resources as new technologies emerge and or old resources are used up; there is no need for central control other than to pick winners and losers.

Alan Kellogg | August 5, 2011 at 2:59 pm

I must ask, how far from the exercise club does she live, and are there sidewalks between her home and the club?

    My thoughts exactly! Instead of driving to the gym to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill, she could walk away from her house for 22 1/2 minutes, and turn around and walk back. Unless she lives in an urban area, where decades of liberal policies have rendered it unsafe to walk.

Coexist or we’ll kill you.