That’s the subject line on the e-mail from reader and commenter “K” who send the following photo and message:

The sight of a Coexistence bumper sticker in the company of other stickers that contradict the presumed coexistence message is so typical that I hardly give it more than a chuckle any more.  But this Coexist accompaniment was more over-the-top than usual and so I followed the car into the parking lot of a gym and captured it.

I have no doubt that the us-vs-them mentality shown on her other stickers is in no way connected in her feeble brain with the whatever she’s trying to accomplish with her message of coexistence.

And since there are no standards within the environmentalist “treehugging” community I’m pretty sure the driver (lone occupant, by the way) saw no irony in driving an oversize vehicle to the gym so that she could spend her allotted time on the treadmill or exercise bicycle.  Because it is the Neo-conservatives that are destroying the environment and not her, don’tcha know.


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