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Bumper stickers work in mysterious ways

Bumper stickers work in mysterious ways

On Tuesday I posted a video of Andrew Klavan debunking the “War Is Not The Answer” bumper sticker, and I thought to myself, funny how I haven’t seen one of those in Ithaca.

So driving to campus Wednesday, what do I see?


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Skate naked? Woo hoo!! These two bumper stickers go together very well. I’ll bet the owner also supports sitting around the campfire naked, singing kubala and sobbing about man’s debauching nature. Where do these people come from? Virginia license plates too. Federal government employee? I would have thought they would be from California.

I’ve seen a sticker with a peace sign and the text ” an idea whose time has come”.

That sticker in the upper left needs updating.   These days it’s: ‘No Farms, No Fuel‘.

Ha. Another victim of the fun-house mirror effect.

David R. Graham | August 18, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Bumper Sticker by FCNL:

Male in mil uniform with shoulder patch of 2ID, US Army, and Specialist collar tab, but uniform is obsolete and undershirt should be tan, not blue. I would guess war surplus store or a former soldier posing in and out of uniform. Either way, some law is being broken there.

Quakers and Unitarians (Harvard) were the principal opponents of forming a United States of America and especially a Constitution thereof. They have not changed and never will. They claim to be the answer that war is not. Actually, they’re the question.

I see another sticker, ICC. Is that a pro International Criminal Court bumper sticker?

All out war or “balls to the wall war” are the best answers.

If “War is not the answer”, what question are they asking?

And, like in Klavan’s video, the bumper sticker is stuck to a Volvo. I lament that this fine Swedish automotive marque is the stereotyped ride of America’s soi-disant intelligensia.