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All your money are belong to him

All your money are belong to him

Taxpayers are footing the bill for Obama’s bus tour of battleground states in the MidWest because Obama  is claiming it is official business and not a campaign tour (via Drudge via CNS).

So not only all your thoughts, but all your money are belong to him.


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Keep one eye on the markets today, there may not be quite as much money as everyone thought.

Markets off sharply, -2% and more

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DINORightMarie | August 4, 2011 at 10:50 am

This man is in violation of more laws and rules than any president. Ever. “No one is above the law” – except for Barack “the Untouchable One” Obama:

He creates a campaign ad in the White House. Illegal.

He authorizes “Fast & Furious” (he must have been briefed on it!). Illegal – and MUCH bigger than Watergate EVER was!!

He allows states to be sued for trying to enforce the law (AX, AL, just to name 2) (Holder wouldn’t do this without his boss’s blessing). Illegal.

He plans an insane bus tour of flyover country – which will cost huge amounts of money and time due to the security risks, re-routed and snarled of traffic wherever he goes – and the taxpayers are to foot the bill. Also illegal….it’s a campaign tour NOT a Presidential visit!

(Personally, if I was one of those commuting and having to deal with the mess of traffic, rerouting of my drive, etc., due to his being in town on the highways or on the road to get from A to B…..I would be pissed off beyond belief – adding to how mad I am about the economic debacle that are this man’s domestic policies!!)

He gets away with all this and more because the Senate will not hold this president accountable, and the media, his propaganda arm, gladly aid and abet his lawlessness.

The ONLY thing good about this nightmare bus tour is that this tour is inspired by Sarah Palin’s bus tour – proving that she is living rent-free in this man’s head 24/7, 365. Combined with his flaccid attempt to take on the Twitter-sphere, this bus tour reveals she is the one they fear!

Confirmed: Sarah Palin is their biggest threat. They always tell you who they fear most. This is their unintended revelation. Heh.

Makes me love Sarah Palin even more. 😉 Game on!

“The air of cynicism is quite thick.”

America has finally realized that this president is motivated solely by self interest.

The White House must be wondering what took us so long.




Speaking of media bias, if there was ever any doubt that the LSM was in bed with the Obama Admin, this clip of Norah O’Donnell (CBS News) should remove such.

To what extent have previous Presidents campaigned using taxpayers’ money? Seems to me it has been a common occurrence. The difference with B.O. is that he typically has a huge entourage. Recall that he shut down freeways and streets for 4 hours in Los Angeles last year while attending a fund-raising event. I’m sure we paid for that, as well.

Obama’s tax-funded campaign road trip through looted, pillaged and pundered American towns in the Midwest brings new meaning to the pre-election of Obama warning:

“All Economic Roadsigns Lead to Grove Parc Plaza, Chicago Illinois”

Obama’s own dilapidated district full of community organized poor who were looted, pillaged and plundered by his dear, close friends Jarrett & Resko, Inc.

How in the heck could all the Ivy-Elite Intellecuals dwelling in the magnificent Ivy-Tower THINK Obama was The One?

To Ann Althouse, the Grand Dame of Ivy-Tower Intellectual Lawyers, how was it possible you and your magnificent intellects had the capacity to vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

Obama is the symptom, not the problem.

The problem is the people who voted for Obama, specifically the multitude of Ivy-Intellectuals credentialed in Stalin’s useful idiocy and the college kidz who were indoctrinated by these magnificent wizards of intellectual insanity.

First came “all your college kidz are belonging to us” then came “all your money are belonging to him”

Humility, a concept completely absent in America’s Ivy-Intellectual Towers.

The sooner Academia’s financial-bubble bursts (and it will) the sooner America will regain her Freedom.

Carney said, “It is important for the president – whoever he is – to get out into ‘the country’ and listen to the folks about growing the economy,..” Obviously he misspoke at first but corrected it later by weaseling: “….listening – and addressing – these very important issues.”

Since Oblahblah is culturally and psychologically incapable of listening to other opinions we should prepare ourselves for several important pronouncements ranking right up there with “tablets from Sinai” as he slowly campaigns through the Midwest.

“Flyover land” is now “the country”. Sincerely and seriously spoken, of course. With a straight face. Extremely sincere tone of voice. Concern shown by the stern facial expression. I’m not kidding. This is serious.

What is Pasadena Phil laughing about?

BP non-oil corp American | August 5, 2011 at 1:36 am

If I am on highway and see you, that’s not the moon that will be shining and that’s not the flag I’ll be wavin’. Peace baby.