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1959 was a very good year, unless

1959 was a very good year, unless

1959 was a very, very good year.  More so than you know.  Unless you were Cuban.

Very, very good years are not always what they seem.

Thanks to reader Jim who took this photo in Bradenton, Florida, of a bumper sticker which says “Cuba got ‘Change’ in 1959, be careful what you wish for”.

(Jim assures me he was stopped at a red light when he took this photo.  Because he knows that to do otherwise could land him 20 years in a reeducation camp.)


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I guess they had to pick one. If they tried to list all the miserably failed leftist revolutions, let alone the death and suffering, you could cover the broad side of a semi.

I really have to remember to put my camera in the glovebox! This is great!

Cassandra Lite | August 9, 2011 at 11:07 am

44 BC comes to mind, too. All that hope and change didn’t work out so well for Cassius and Brutus. Which brings us to Obama, the American Commodus.