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Yes, but where does he stand in the poll of journolists?

Yes, but where does he stand in the poll of journolists?

I think the journolist community probably likes him quite a lot, which is why this Politico headline is so humorous, WMUR poll shows no bump for Jon Huntsman:

It was possible to dismiss the recent Suffolk University poll showing Jon Huntsman in low single digits, but today’s WMUR poll solidifies it – the former Utah governor got no discernible bounce from his rollout.

No offense to Huntsman, who I’m sure loves puppies and helps with chores around the house, but any and all buzz surrounding his candidacy was/is a creation of the journolist community.

When you hear them lament how Hunstman is not gaining traction in the polls, remember one thing:  Journolists do not vote in Republican primaries.

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The Huntsman cheerleading has been utterly transparent from the beginning. The fauxcitement from the media was cringe-inducing. Also don’t forget that Palin in unelectable. Bachmann too. Cain as well. We may as well let the Journolisters decide the primary – they seem like a pretty smart bunch.

Keep reading [on other sites] how the matter is “practically settled”. “The GOP now has their candidate”. And then 500 words on why whomever the writer supports is assured of victory. Talk about wishful thinking and self delusions. Do any of these people go back later and reread themselves? I guess the lesson is to be leery of ‘other sites’.

I view Huntsman with about the same degree of seriousness as I do for Herman Cain. While I applaud his time as ambassador to China, Huntsman carries the stench of the President he served.

DINORightMarie | July 6, 2011 at 10:39 am

The poor, washed up JournOlisters just don’t seem to realize that we are on to them. They are NOT going to pick our candidate for us. Most of us are not watching their propaganda broadcasts, anyway – or do so only to monitor their lies to allow exposure of their tactics and deceptive spin.

Leftists always tell you who they are afraid of, and who will LOSE against a Democrat, hands down. Most afraid = Sarah Palin (with Bachmann and Cain in close 2nd and 3rd place). Who will lose = Huntsman. Their rosy rhetoric is the kiss of death to Huntsman’s hopes. Clueless wonders, both the MSM and Huntsman.

Sadly, the Republican Party is not getting the message – yet. Problem is, we don’t have time for them to awaken and react too late and half-cocked, costing precious time and forcing them into defense rather than offense.

I’m waiting on Sarah, who knows all this. Will she run – or just back the best candidate(s)? Time will tell. But, if my intuition is correct, she’s in; she’s just waiting for the proper, historic and Reaganesque time and location to announce. (As in, Reagan at the Statue of Liberty on Labor Day Weekend…..won’t be there, but, it will be similar.) That’s MY “non-prediction.” 😉

The media may be afraid of Sarah Palin, but I think they genuinely believe she can’t win. They may be afraid of the small chance (in their mind) she could win, and thus try to prevent her from becoming the nominee, but I think there are candidates or potential candidates the media are more afraid of actually losing to, and Jon Huntsman is not one of them. The reason he’s not catching on, even though the media may like him, is because he has nothing to offer the Republican Party. There has to be something there for the media’s ploy to work.

Romney and Huntsman are both in the RINO category. I’m still not over Huntsman writing that Obama’s a “remarkable” president. That may be the reason he’s down in the polls. They’re both too darn cozy with the Democrats. We need someone who’s not afraid of the good ol’ boys. Palin comes to mind.

“Journolists do not vote in Republican primaries”

Then how did we get saddled with McCain?

The Republican party needs to put an end to its open primaries. Unfortunately, they’re moving in the other direction. They’re also reducing the number of states that have winner takes all primaries.

I don’t understand why a political party would deliberately adopt a primary system that has the least chance of producing a candidate that firmly believes in the Party’s platform.

Harry Reid ended Huntsman’s presidential run the day it was kicked up by endorsing Huntsman. Harry’s support is all I needed to hear