Taking wasted energy from auto traffic and turning it into electricity sounds hard to believe, but these Israeli researchers may be onto something (h/t LukeHandCool):

Scientists in Israel say they have invented a way of turning traffic into electricity.

The bright sparks at the country’s Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa have developed a road that generates power when vehicles pass over it.

And they hope the technology will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

In a university car park, Haim Abramovich and his team run a heavy truck repeatedly over a special stretch of tarmac….

It could be used to power traffic lights or street lamps already, but with sufficient progress the technology may one day generate enough electricity to send power to the national grid.

A company called Innowattech is working with the team to develop the technology.

It estimates a kilometre of ‘electric road’ could generate enough power for 40 houses.

Of course, all these Israeli inventions are nothing compared to the advances in technology, medical care, and science which come out of the countries that hate Israel.