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The “Unusually Good Bill Clinton” has a town hall

The “Unusually Good Bill Clinton” has a town hall

Please do not pull out your hair when you watch this video, via The Boston Herald.

As I have said before, this guy is an unusually good Bill Clinton. The debt has increased dramatically on his watch and that is a threat to our credit rating regardless of the debt ceiling. He has put forth no plan, except for a budget in April which would have exploded the debt. Yet he now is lecturing us and acting like Mr. Reasonable.

And all the while, hie administration via Tim Geithner has been whipping up a media frenzy warning of a debt default, which he just acknowledged would not happen.

Added: And he’s blaming Bush, still:


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[…] was in a meeting with Sen. Mitch McConnell, author of the truly vile plan that would have placed “wet-blanket” Obama in charge of the debt ceiling level, his staffers all but ignored her. Our DC elites are quite […]

This President is the product of decades of a coordinated Leftist effort to destroy the American experiment. The schools and the media have enfeebled entire swaths of the citizenry by rewarding emotion, class envy, and tribalism over reason, logic, and morality. The citizens who believe this President have – by design – no ability to compare his rhetoric with his results.

Who cares that Food Stamp use has exploded?
Who cares that black unemployment is skyrocketing.?
Who cares that the deficit will bankrupt the middle class, leaving us all (except the rich and the politicians) living like feudal serfs?
Who cares about all that? Nobody.
Because he’s black and blacks are exempt from rules white people obey. I learned that in public school. And state college. And law school. I mean, after all, isn’t that what is says in the Declaration of Independence: The Government shall ensure that all people are equal.

Of course Obama isn’t going to put anything forward publicly. He doesn’t want it to be used against him in his reelection campaign. Further, if the Conservatives manage to force TRUE spending cuts, he wants to be able to go to his base and say “I didn’t give ground, but I got them to drive the discussion, and but for my efforts, it would have been MUCH worse” in order to try to save face with the Progressives that are RAPIDLY abandoning him.

This is almost exactly the same track that the Obamacare legilsation tracked. Let “Congress” sort it out, while Obama “stay’s above the fray” and tries not to let any of the “compromises” that he had to make stick to him when the Progressives and Statists say that he’s not fulfilling the promises that candidate Obama made to them.

The Conservatives need to hold the line here and now. If the RINOs in the party buckle, they WILL be facing open revolt, and WILL be replaced in the 2012 election cycle, because every political ad running against them will focus on how they had a chance to fix the problem, and instead they decided it was “too hard” to do. We elected them to MAKE the hard decisions on WHERE, NOT IF, to cut, . If they’re not going to do it, then it’s time for somebody who will.

Professor….it’s time for you to sell hats with your logo.

I know you said “Please do not pull out your hair when you watch this video” but just in case some of us do ?????

    William A. Jacobson in reply to Joy. | July 22, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    I do sell hats! Click on the CafePress store in the right sidebar.

      I couldn’t find CafePress on the sidebar (perhaps I shouldn’t have pulled out so much hair) but typing it into you search space got me there….hats, mugs, shirts…very cool….I think you just ruined my budget for this month. 🙂

I confess I can hardly stand the sight of the man. His practiced arched brows. His elevated chin, waiting to be photographed (and then Photoshopped with a halo). His South’n drawl when he’s trying to relate to those who do not eat arugula. His off TOTUS stuttering. His *comic* allusions to Republicans/conservatives/those who disagree with him. His repeated declarations that he *really* likes getting out of DC to *get away* from politics just before he begins to get down and dirty politically. His meanness disguised as *cleverness.* His mockery of ideals in which I strongly believe. His ~clueless~ or ~intentional~ destruction of American industry. His unreasoning and irrational support of all things Middle East.

What a card. What a card.

It seems he just derided “divided government” in the townhall. I guess TOTUS must have forgotten 2009-2010.

    bleached cat in reply to Mutnodjmet. | July 22, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Derided “divided government” after permanently dividing our derided government. His unconscionable words form and then fall into an irresponsible breach.

The media isn’t persuasive in positioning the President as though he can win this battle over the budget like Pres. Bill Clinton did. Back then the economy was superb relative to now. The unemployment rate was so low, I remember seeing tons of “Help Wanted” signs. The stock market bubbled with a nice froth.

The House Republicans did good in passing Cap and Cut. They should continue to pass legislation then let the Senate and President deal with it.

At least they show they are doing the necessary work required of them.

Does anybody in his right mind care who caused this problem? Yes, things were bad on January 20, 2009. I don’t care. I care whether the President has done anything to solve the problem. He hasn’t.

Most of us know people who promise things and don’t deliver. That can be simply not showing up on time, or it can be not showing up at all, or not performing a task. When one of those people starts explaining to me why he (or she) didn’t do what was promised, my response is always the same: I don’t care why you didn’t do what you promised. I care only whether you did it. It’s no different with Obama. I don’t care why he didn’t do what he promised. I care a lot that he hasn’t even tried.