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The newest of the great religions

The newest of the great religions

I don’t usually post bumper sticker photos that have appeared elsewhere, but this one was sent by blog friend Bruce at Where Are My Keys and seems particularly ironic in light of Obama’s speech last night.

Which of the world’s great religions depicted on this version of the iconic Coexist bumper sticker seems most out of place?  (Hint, it’s not Islam, Judaism or Christianity.)


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Is this a trick question?

The religion that dare not speak its name. They only want piece — just like Mel Brooks did in To Be Or Not To Be:

    “Which of the world’s great religions depicted on this version of the iconic Coexist bumper sticker seems most out of place?”

    Obviously, I did not read your question carefully.

Perhaps this is the answer. I found this online:


…The …peace symbol. Does this mean that they are equating peace with religion or the lack thereof? I don’t think so. …They are telling us that all religions need to coexist, I don’t have a problem with that, I wish all religions could coexist. But they can’t, they can’t because Muslim radicals don’t want to.

I hope these people aren’t trying to tell me that I need to learn to exist with radicals that want to kill me and my family.

So, are these people talking to the radical Muslims? For it is them that truly needs to learn coexist with us. It is they that need to learn to accept us. We have spent far too many years trying to coexist with terrorists and it led to September 11th. I don’t think they are talking to radicals.
These people are so upset with the war and the president that they have lost all sensibility. They are sporting bumper stickers that say coexist in an effort to show their discontent with the war. They are telling me, you, and the president that we just need to coexist. They don’t understand, or don’t want to understand the fact that most Americans, conservatives included, do want to be able to coexist in this world. I would love to coexist in this world and never have to go to war again with another country. The difference between me, other conservatives, the president and these coexist wackos is the fact that we are not naive enough to believe that by just willing everyone to coexist it will happen. These people are naive, that’s what it comes down to.

They are naive enough to the point of being offensive. How dare these people sport bumper stickers on their cars that imply that America needs to learn to coexist with radical Islamists. It is the Islamo-fascists that are teaching their children in schools and on television that America needs to be destroyed, that America is the great Satan, and that they will be rewarded in heaven if they kill Americans.

Btw, this article was posted, and promptly closed, on Lucianne this morning (“Sorry, this is a special interest magazine not a news site”): Christian Wrong

    janitor in reply to Kitty. | July 26, 2011 at 8:13 am

    The article nails it, and every Christian Republican needs to read it. Centuries of history, and a visceral fear and loathing in many Jewish sectors of the idea of living in a “Christian” country. If the Republican party wants to win over the core Jewish vote, it needs to get back to an emphasis on economic issues, and lay off the social and religious angles. Too many Jews are still alive whose families suffered at the hands of Christian antisemitism in Europe, and too many vote today whose sum total of personal experience with antisemitism was at the hands of Christians. There is no getting around that.

      Steve in reply to janitor. | July 26, 2011 at 8:54 am

      Holy @#$% batman. I never knew any of that.Of course Martin appears to not have been that different from the Spanish Inquisition in attitude. They would practice anatomy vivisection in order that you might turn to the love of God.

      Unreason has always been associated with some part of the Church, Catholic or otherwise.For some reason many feel that Science and Faith are opposed. Personally, i had ascribed to Martin Luther the freeing of faith from the tyranny of the priest. Under Protestantism as many practice in the United States, Faith , and Jesus and God become more personally accessible. That was a good thing.

      The grace of God, and your understanding of the Word and the natural world are the important elements. In fact, for the most part I have rejected the ‘religions’ of the churches as most seem to want to put the reverend, pastor, or deacon right back in place of the priest. It is the preaching from the pulpits that take an intolerant view of various sorts that people eat up. Many seem to want an opinion, belief and creed to be boxed and labeled, as if at some metaphysical supermarket and any organic self inspiration whether based on faith or science is to be eschewed. God is supposed to be an ideal of truth, but many don’t seem to care to know what is true and what is not.

      Such isn’t unique to protestantism or even Christianity ( incl Mormon, Catholicism, and Orthodox) . For example Islam teaches salt water and fresh water do not mix… despite the fact that any child can demonstrate the opposite is true people still take that passage literally rather than trying to understand if it is a metaphor or if its just plain wrong.

      In short, people need to reconcile their faith, even that based on Science ( or lack thereof) with known demonstrable facts. But they should always be willing to investigate. As the Global warming fiasco reveals, people are always appointing priests, and those priests occasionally become arrogant and tyrannical in their attitudes and pronouncements.

don't tread 2012 | July 26, 2011 at 8:30 am

Obamism. Gelatinous, bitter, soul-shrinking.

Coexist with us or we’ll KILL you.

    WarEagle82 in reply to jakee308. | July 26, 2011 at 11:37 am

    “Please sit there quietly whilst we steal your property, rape your women and then cut off your head.”

    That pretty well sums up Islam’s idea of “coexistence.”

Well.. as it was presented in 2008 and the way folks tend to react to opposed view points… I’d say there exists a case for Obamaism to *be* a religion. Hmm, a President founded and led religion doesn’t actually violate the 1st amendment… isn’t that odd?

P.S. much of christian antisemitism stems from the belief that the Jews killed christ and did it with malice aforethought.

although this is now denied by the POPE and other christian leaders, it’s an accusation that has some foundation (at least if you use the narrative in the New Testament).

I’m not condoning or excusing it, I’m just pointing out that the antisemitism stems from New Testament roots.

What’s Islam’s excuse?

Nowhere in the New Testament will you find similar vile things that are put forth as G_d’s word and Mohammed’s teachings in reference to the Jews.

And who is it who has found an affinity for Islam and exerts great effort into hiding and excusing their antisemitism?

The left.

Oh my vote for the religion most out of place would be


May God Preserve Us(A).

I prefer this version of the “coexist” theme:

don't tread 2012 | July 26, 2011 at 9:55 am

@Russ – a sight to behold…thanks for sharing.

Most out of place? Its a tie between Obamism and hermaphrodism.

Alex Bensky | July 26, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Actually this isn’t at all anomalous. At least for many American Jews I think Norman Podhoretz is quite right–their religion is in effect liberalism, their Judaism malleable and when it comes in conflict with liberalism, forgotten. I don’t doubt that for many other Americans liberalism is the operative religion.

There’s a difference between that and the other religions, of course. The others require some things to be taken on faith–I don’t happen to think Allah dictated the Koran but I have no objective way of proving that to a pious Muslim. I have certain ideas about Judaism that are also not really verifiable.

But liberalism does make certain claims about the nature of society, the nature of man, and the effects of its ideas that are subject to empirical evidence and in the main are refuted by actual facts. So the faith is in spite of the evidence, not outside it.

turfmonster | July 27, 2011 at 1:33 am

LOL, treating The Lightworker as if he’s a great religion or something! I have to admit that I’ve been an infidel regarding this one and proudly so from day one of Anno Obamanus.