I admit it, I haven’t been following the break-up of The Sudan.  

But now there is a South Sudan, and it isn’t your father’s Sudan.  Among other things, South Sudan will be  quick to establish relations with Israel:

South Sudan, already recognised by Israel, will forge relations with the Jewish state and hopes to help bring peace to the Middle East, the new state’s vice president said in remarks received on Friday.

Riek Machar, speaking to Alhurra television after the UN General Assembly in New York admitted South Sudan to the United Nations on Thursday, said that most of his country’s neighbours had diplomatic relations with Israel.

“Therefore we will have relations with all the Arab and Muslim countries and even with Israel…” Machar said in Arabic, according to a transcript in English sent to Reuters on Friday….

South Sudan, most of whose people follow Christian and traditional African beliefs, became independent on Saturday in line with a January referendum that was the culmination of a 2005 peace deal ending decades of civil war with the north.

So tell me about South Sudan.