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So Feminists are Islamophobic?

So Feminists are Islamophobic?

As part of the continuing attempt to blame the “right wing blogosphere” for the shooting and bombing in Norway, two Norwegians take to the pages of The NY Times (h/t Left Coast Rebel) to decry the cabal of right wing bloggers and other supposed Islamophobes.

Notice how easily they include even feminists, presumably because anyone who speaks out against the abuse of women in Islamic countries or under strict Islamic law must be Islamophobic:

The global Islamophobic blogosphere consists of loosely connected networks of people — including students, civil servants, capitalists, and neo-Nazis. Many do not even see themselves as “right-wing,” but as defenders of enlightened values, including feminism.

A point I made the other day is that speaking out against the violence of the Islamists and Islamic radicals is not the same thing as calling for violence against Muslims or Islamophobic.  These authors blur that distinction, and thereby leave themselves no moral ground on which to stand because they then necessarily stand by the side of those whose conduct they otherwise would condemn if committed in the name of Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion.

It this very tendency which leads to situations such as in Malmö, Sweden where leftist politicians find themselves incapable of standing up to anti-Semitic violence committed by Islamists because of a shared hatred of Israel.

The violence in Norway deserves to be condemned, and police should investigate anyone suspected of having violent tendencies.  But to lump feminists and those who seek the supremacy of civil society in with Neo-Nazis shows the intellectual bankruptcy of the smear campaign against the “right wing blogosphere.”


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I was going to write a longer reply to this but I am already late for the annual GLBT outreach fundraiser at a local mosque.

And after that I am scheduled to attend an animal rights BBQ at a local rib joint.

Fortunately, intellectual bankruptcy of the Left qualifies under TARP for a bail-out, like GM.

You know what’s so giggle worthy is that so much of the so-called “feminist blogsphere” acts as an apologist network for Muslims-behaving-badly — the contortions coming from the Leftist knee-jerk reaction to supporting anti-American and anti-Israel groups.

Anyone who is opposed the blood libel being committed against “right wing bloggers” and those who speak out against islamic supremacists is welcome to join the growing ranks of Operation United Front . Contact me if you want your name/username/blog added to the Roll Call list.
First they came for the bloggers…

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